Digital Solutions

Recruit Easi

Softlabs Technologies & Development Pvt. Ltd. Proudly introduces software solution of Hiring and Recruitment Companies...Read More


EDGE is an Online Stock Management, Trading, Accounts and Finance Management Software Application for the Diamond Industry...Read More

All Survey

All Survey is an Online Survey Portal which can be used by large corporate, government agencies, market research companies...Read More


e-Mall is a comprehensive e-Commerce Software Application which can be used by manufacturers, traders and aggregators ...Read More

Tarkarli Tourism

Tour Explore is an Online Tourism Portal developed by Softlabs Group integrating all stakeholders of the tourism industry ...Read More

Let Prop

Let Prop is an Apartment/Properties renting- management software application. It is used in India and UK to manage ...Read More


ThinkSales is a Sales Monitoring and Enhancing Online Software Application to be used by various Pharmaceutical Companies...Read More


mPowerEDU is an online educational loan recovery application to be used by Government Organisations, NGO and Financial...Read More


CRIS is a Credit Rating System which defines and validates the credibility of Individuals/Companies based on its prior ...Read More

MLM Software

Organizations with different Multi Level Marketing Schemes applicable in their business can use our Online MLM Software ...Read More


Yeva is a GPS based Vehicle Aggregator Mobile Application to be used by Fleet Management Companies, ...Read More


This application is a excellent example of how to harness the benefits of Internet in your business, if your Production Divisions...Read More

Online Inventory Control

We have an excellent package for Inventory Control and Management of trading as well as manufacturing organizations...Read More

Small Banking System

We have developed a software application which is meant to automate all the functions of the Co-operative...Read More

NBFC FD RD Software

A Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is a company registered under the Companies Act that is engaged in the business of...Read More