This case study explores how Softlabs Group and the State University of New York, Korea, joined forces to transform healthcare with blockchain technology. Their partnership addressed the critical need for secure and accessible health data management, leading to the development of a user-friendly mobile app and the integration of Hyperledger blockchain. The outcome? Enhanced patient care, secured data storage, and a leap towards technological leadership in healthcare.

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Healthcare and Blockchain

Devs on Team


App Type
App Type


Methodology Used

Agile Scrum


Mobile Application,
Web Application

Client Country:
South Korea

South Korea

Tech Used
Technologies Used:

Android Studio, XCode, HyperLedger Fabric, IOT, Bluetooth

Client Background

Softlabs Group, a leader in software development and blockchain technology, partnered with the State University of New York, Korea, to revolutionize healthcare through technology. This collaboration aimed to address the growing need for secure, accessible, and reliable health data management.

Need for Innovation

The Need for Innovation

The healthcare sector faces challenges in managing and securing patient data, especially with the increasing use of digital health records and devices. The partnership sought to create a solution that not only secures health data but also makes it easily accessible to both patients and healthcare providers, leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced security and privacy.

Transforming Project Management :  Challenges, Solutions, and Achievements

Challenges Client Faced -

Securing Health Data

Protecting sensitive health information collected from various medical devices.

Patient Data Control

Empowering patients to manage who accesses their health data.

Remote Health Data Access

Providing real-time access to health data for better diagnosis and treatment.

Ensuring Data Integrity

Guaranteeing the immutability and tamper-proof nature of health records.

What we did to fix it -

Developed a User-Friendly Mobile App

Created an app for easy health data collection from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Integrated Hyperledger Blockchain

Utilized blockchain for secure data storage, ensuring integrity and protection.

Empowered Patients with Data Control

Enabled patients to have full control over their data sharing and access rights.

What we Achieved

Enhanced Patient Care
Enhanced Patient

Enabled accurate and timely diagnoses through remote access to health data.

Secured Data Storage and Sharing
Secured Data Storage and Sharing

Ensured the security and privacy of health data with blockchain technology.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined the collection and management of health data, reducing manual work.

Technological Leadership

Positioned the State University of New York, Korea as a pioneer in adopting blockchain in healthcare.

Key Features we Delivered

Mobile App with Bluetooth Connectivity
Mobile App with Bluetooth Connectivity

Facilitated easy data collection from medical devices directly to the app.

Hyperledger Blockchain Integration (HBI)
Hyperledger Blockchain Integration (HBI)

Provided a secure platform for storing and managing health data.

Comprehensive User Control
Comprehensive User

Gave patients the ability to manage access to their health data securely.

Innovative Health Data Management
Innovative Health Data Management

Introduced a new standard for data integrity, security, and patient privacy in healthcare.

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