PPE Detection - Enhancing Workplace Safety

Elevate workplace safety with PPE Detection, a CCTV-based system that automates the monitoring of personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance. Instant alerts and customizable reporting empower proactive safety measures, reducing accidents and fostering a safer work environment.

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Manufacturing, Safety and Compliance

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Agile Scrum


.Net Application, Server

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Python, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Yolov7, Object tracking, SQL, Data Parallelization

Client Intro

FPMcCann, a leading name in the UK construction and manufacturing sector, stands as the backbone of industry reliability and safety. With a legacy of commitment to excellence, FPMcCann leads the way in implementing cutting-edge solutions to ensure workplace safety and operational efficiency. As they embark on the PPE Detection project, FPMcCann continues to set industry standards for safety and innovation.

Client Intro
Need for Innovation

The Need for Innovation

In today's fast-paced industrial settings, ensuring everyone wears the right safety gear is vital. But relying on manual checks is slow and prone to mistakes. FPMcCann recognized this challenge: they needed a smarter way to keep tabs on safety gear, quickly and accurately. So, they set out to create PPE Detection, an automated solution.

Detailed Explanation of How it Works




The Factory Entrance

The employees begin arriving at the factory. Each one must don the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) before entering the premises.




Capturing Every Detail

Strategically placed CCTV cameras swing into action, capturing high-resolution images of the workforce as they enter the factory. These cameras form a vital part of the PPE Detection system, feeding live data into its sophisticated network.




Harnessing Advanced Technology

Behind the scenes, the heart of the system, powered by YOLOv7 AI technology, springs to life. This cutting-edge deep learning model specializes in object detection, renowned for its accuracy and speed. YOLOv7 swiftly analyzes the incoming images, identifying individuals and assessing their PPE status.




Ensuring Compliance

But it doesn't stop there. The AI system dives deeper, cross-referencing the identified personnel against a comprehensive database of safety gear requirements. It meticulously checks for the presence of safety hats and vests, ensuring strict compliance with safety regulations.




Taking Swift Action

Upon detecting any instances of non-compliance, the system kicks into high gear. Automated alerts are generated, immediately notifying supervisors and safety officers of the issue. This rapid response mechanism allows for swift intervention, ensuring that safety standards are upheld without delay.




The Impact of Automation

By automating the compliance monitoring process, PPE Detection doesn't just enhance workplace safety—it transforms it. The seamless integration of advanced technology and industry standards not only ensures a safe working environment for all personnel but also sets new benchmarks for efficiency and compliance in industrial settings.

Challenges, Solutions, and Achievements

Challenges Client Faced -

Manual Monitoring

Traditional methods relied on manual checks by supervisors, which were time-consuming and prone to human error.

Limited Visibility

Supervisors couldn't monitor all areas simultaneously, leading to gaps in safety compliance oversight.

Non-Compliance Risks

With manual monitoring, there was a heightened risk of non-compliance with safety regulations, potentially resulting in accidents or regulatory fines.

Lack of Real-Time Insights

Without automated monitoring systems, clients lacked real-time insights into PPE compliance, making it challenging to address issues promptly.

What we did to fix it -

Implemented Automated Monitoring

Developed and deployed the PPE Detection system to automate the monitoring of safety gear compliance.

Real-Time Alerts

Integrated automated alerting mechanisms to notify supervisors and safety officers immediately upon detecting non-compliance.

Enhanced Visibility

Expanded CCTV coverage and optimized camera placement to ensure comprehensive monitoring of all areas within the facility.

Customizable Reporting

Developed customizable reporting features to provide detailed insights into PPE compliance trends and identify areas for improvement.

What we Achieved

Improved Safety Compliance

The implementation of the PPE Detection system significantly improved safety compliance rates by automating monitoring and alerting processes.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

With real-time alerts for non-compliance, the system helped mitigate the risk of workplace accidents caused by improper PPE usage.

Streamlined Operations

By automating monitoring tasks, the system freed up supervisors' time, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of their roles.

Enhanced Data Insights

The customizable reporting features provided valuable insights into PPE compliance trends, enabling clients to make informed decisions for further safety enhancements.

AI Features Implemented

Automated Monitoring

The PPE Detection system automates the monitoring of safety gear compliance, reducing reliance on manual checks.

Real-Time Alerts

Instant alerts are generated upon detecting instances of non-compliance, enabling swift corrective action.

Comprehensive Coverage

The system provides comprehensive coverage of all areas within the facility, ensuring no gaps in monitoring.

Customizable Reporting

Customizable reporting features allow clients to analyze PPE compliance data and trends, facilitating informed decision-making.


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