This case study explores how One Putt Pro, in collaboration with Softlabs Technologies, revolutionized golf training by introducing a smart putting aid and mobile app. Addressing the lack of dynamic, real-time feedback in traditional training aids, we created a technology-driven solution that is both affordable and user-friendly, significantly enhancing golfers' learning experiences.

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App Type
App Type

Start Up

Methodology Used

Agile Scrum


Android, IOS

Client Country:
Tech Used


Tech Used
Technologies Used:

Python,Pytorch, Tensorflow-lite, Numpy, Pandas, React Native, Swift

Client Intro

One Putt Pro specializes in innovative golf training solutions, aiming to enhance golfers' skills through technology. They partnered with Softlabs Group to create a smart putting aid device and mobile app, elevating the training experience for golfers.

Client intro
Need for Innovation

The Need for Innovation

The golf training market is saturated with traditional and static training aids that often fail to provide real-time, actionable feedback crucial for improving putting skills. There was a clear demand for a more dynamic and technology-driven solution that could offer personalized feedback and adapt to the unique needs of each golfer. OnePuttPro recognized the opportunity to fill this gap by leveraging cutting-edge technology to create a smart putting aid that would redefine golf training. This initiative aimed not only to enhance the learning curve for golfers but also to make the training process more engaging and data-driven.

Transforming Project Management :  Challenges, Solutions, and Achievements

Challenges Client Faced -

Creating a Compact and Affordable Device

Designing a device that was both budget-friendly and small enough for easy use.

Ensuring Accurate Feedback

Developing technology to provide precise analysis and feedback on a golfer's putting technique.

User-Friendly Software and Mobile App

Crafting software and an app that are intuitive for all users, regardless of tech-savviness.

Integrating Hardware and Software

Seamlessly combining the physical device with the mobile app for a unified user experience.

What we did to fix it -

Innovative Design

Developed a compact device equipped with an accelerometer, microcontroller, camera, and connectivity modules.

Advanced Data Analysis

Implemented an AI-driven software solution to accurately process data and provide actionable insights.

User-Centric Development

Focused on creating an easy-to-use mobile app with a friendly interface, incorporating features like progress tracking and personalized training programs.

Agile Methodology

Employed an agile development approach, allowing for flexible adaptation to feedback and ensuring a high-quality product.

What we Achieved

Successful Prototype Development
Successful Prototype Development

Completed a functional prototype that met all design and functionality requirements.

Positive User Feedback
Positive User

Received acclaim from early users for the device's effectiveness and the app's usability.

Market-Ready Product

Developed a refined final product, ready for mass production and marketing.

Foundation for Future Innovation
Foundation for Future Innovation

Established a strong base for further development and enhancements in golf training technology.

AI Features Implemented

Accurate Motion Tracking
Accurate Motion Tracking

Integrated motion sensors to analyze and improve putting strokes.

Comprehensive Analytics
Comprehensive Analytics

Provided detailed feedback on aspects like timing ratio, impact angle, and acceleration, via the AI software.

Seamless Connectivity
Seamless Connectivity

Enabled easy data transfer between the device and mobile app using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Engaging Mobile Application
Engaging Mobile Application

Designed an app with registration, settings, performance tracking, and practice modes, enhancing the training experience.

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