Online Diamond Company Software

An Online Stock Management, Trading, Accounts and Finance Management Software Application for the Diamond Industry.

EDGE is an Online Stock Management, Trading, Accounts and Finance Management Software Application for the Diamond Industry.

We have incorporated state-of-art features in the software which will make business management easier, robust and reliable using systems and technology.

Our team of professionals have excellent domain knowledge of the diamond industry. We have been taking great efforts to learn about the challenges of the diamond industry people and their technological requirements.

Moreover, we are continuously enhancing EDGE - the optimized business solution to higher levels and standards.

Our existing clients have experienced deep and consistent service results throughout the tenure of the business.


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Multi Company

Parent company having different sub-companies with different names will have an integrated online venue to efficiently manage and maintain the workflow of the company and transactions between sub-companies.

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Auto Email and SMS Alerts

Automatic Emails and Sms will be sent for Task Reminders, Payment Reminders and New Arrival Notifications to customers or brokers.

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Multi Location

Data of various locations or branches of a company can be managed by different users in a single system. Irrespective of where you are accessing the system from, get updated with accurate data with complete security.

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Rapa port price

No more manual calculations as per Rapa port prices, software keeps track of Rapaport prices & generates customized prices.

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No need to store data in Servers, you can carry your office work in pocket (using external storage devices)

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Stone Parameter based pricing (premium, discount)

Cut, Color, Clarity, Proportion, Symmetry, Depth, Diameter etc. 26 such parameters decide the basic price of each stone.

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Item Movement Tracking

Software keeps track of every single stone, right from purchase(in rough form) to processing, finishing & movement history till actual sale.

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Four Level Accounts Management

3 Levels accessible to Management of the Company and 1 level accessible by respective Accounts Depts.

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Interest auto-calculation

Interest and Penal Interest auto-calculation on basis of Payment Terms . This software offers 60 payment term options as per customer’s category

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Consignment Module with (auto-confirmation)

Automatic purchase entries while executing sales entries when stock is sent on consignment basis and later confirmed for sale.

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Multiple Form Interface

At a single instance, view and work on multiple forms and dashboards.

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Company (Local) Price Master in Global environment

Companies with multiple sub-companies can define prices of stones at individual sub-company level.

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Stock Management

Separate Stock Management for loose and certificate stones

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Bar code and RFID Compatible

Fast and efficient Stock Management using Bar Code and RFID Technology

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RSA password technique keeps software safe from hackers as password changes with every single minute.

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Single Stone Tracking and Analysis

Individual stone tracking helps to analyze Profit & loss from the rough purchase to finished good sale.

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Online Shopping Cart

Product Showcase, Online Purchase, Online Product Booking

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Bill Booking

Company Expenses can be tracked and managed by using Bill Booking for any payments to be made.

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