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Navigating the digital realm can be daunting. That's where we come in. Hire PHP developers from a team that 2000+ clients trust. With over 20 years in the field, we've honed our skills to offer you top-notch PHP solutions. We get your challenges. We've got the expertise. Together, let's craft your success story. Simple, professional, and tailored for you.

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Why Clients Choose to Hire PHP Developers from us ?

In today's fast-paced digital world, having the right partner is crucial. When you hire PHP developers from Softlabs Group, you get more than just coders. You get a dedicated team that's on your side. Many of our clients say they feel like they've found true partners, not just developers. Why? Because our PHP developer for hire does more than just code. They listen to your goals, spot potential challenges, and craft solutions that work. We've been doing this for over 20 years. Our track record speaks of excellence, trust, and tailored solutions. We're proud of the work we do, and we're committed to your success. As you think about your next project, consider the many reasons our clients choose us. Dive in, explore, and see the unique benefits of partnering with Softlabs Group.

20+ years in IT

Most of our PHP developers are Seniors and Leads

Practically developers are 3-5 years experienced in PHP on average

Quick onboarding (1-2 weeks)

25+ Countries have our Footprints

2000+ Happy Customers

Custom PHP Development Services for your Unique Needs

At Softlabs Group, we believe in tailor-made solutions. Our custom PHP development services fit your unique needs. When you hire a dedicated PHP developer from us, you get a partner who understands your vision. They craft solutions, not just code. These solutions connect with your audience and bring results. As you explore further, you'll see the wide range of services we offer. Each one is designed to help your business grow.

PHP Web Applications

PHP Web Applications

Step into the future with our PHP Web Applications. At Softlabs Group, we blend robust technology with user-centric design. Our applications are crafted to serve your unique needs, ensuring both stability and ease of use. Engage your audience and amplify your digital footprint with our tailored PHP solutions.

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce Websites

Online shopping is more than just a trend; it's the new norm. Our PHP Ecommerce Websites are built to impress and perform. We craft sites that not only look great but also drive sales. With user-friendly designs and robust features, your online store will stand out and deliver results.

Wordpress CMS

Wordpress CMS

At Softlabs Group, we excel in refining platforms like WordPress, Magento, and Drupal. We turn them into distinctive and modern designs. Our creations work smoothly with third-party plugins and APIs. This ensures you can manage your website content effortlessly and efficiently.

PHP Framework - Laravel, CodeIgniter

PHP Framework - Laravel, CodeIgniter

When you choose Softlabs Group, you're opting for excellence. Our PHP developers harness the power of Laravel and CodeIgniter to create web apps that aren't robust but also scalable. We focus on streamlined development, reusable code, and efficient database handling. The result? Solutions that not only perform but also align with your business needs.

API Integration

API Integration

Our PHP programmers are experts in the world of APIs. We seamlessly integrate third-party services into your platform, ensuring top-notch user experiences every time. It's more than just coding for us; it's about maximizing the potential of each API. By doing so, we aim to provide the best possible outcomes for your business's growth.

PHP with Microservices Architecture

PHP with Microservices Architecture

We're experts in making PHP applications that can grow with your business. Our PHP programmers use a special approach called microservices. This means we build systems that work fast, can change easily, and fit just right for your needs.

PHP Combinations for Better Results

At Softlabs, we understand the intricacies of web development. Our PHP developers are not just coders; they're problem solvers. With a knack for blending front-end and back-end technologies, they craft PHP web solutions that grow with your business. Whether you're launching a new site or scaling an existing one, our team ensures it's robust and adaptable. So finally , here are some PHP combinations tailored according to your needs & business.

PHP Laravel

PHP + Laravel

At Softlabs, we blend PHP's adaptability with Laravel's elegant structure. Laravel, known for its clean code and powerful tools, pairs perfectly with PHP's dynamic nature. The result? Advanced web apps that work smoothly, from user logins to data handling. Our team's deep knowledge ensures you get a platform that's secure, efficient, and tailored just for you. With our expertise, you're not just getting a tech solution; you're investing in a tool that propels your business forward.

PHP React

PHP + React

At Softlabs, we bring together PHP's strength and React's quick front-end features. React makes things look good and interactive, while PHP keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes. Together, they make websites that users love and trust. Our team knows how to get the best from both. With us, you get a website that's easy to use, looks great, and works without a hitch.

PHP Angular

PHP + Angular

At Softlabs, we pair PHP's solid server skills with Angular's front-end brilliance. Angular makes web pages responsive and lively, while PHP ensures everything works seamlessly in the background. The result? Fast, single-page websites that users can navigate with ease. Our team has the know-how to blend these two perfectly. When you work with us, you get a web solution that's both user-friendly and powerful, designed to meet your specific needs.

PHP Node.js

PHP + Node.js

At Softlabs, we blend PHP's adaptability with the speed of Node.js. PHP handles the heavy server tasks, while Node.js makes real-time interactions a breeze. Together, they form powerful apps that respond instantly to user actions. Our team knows how to get them working in harmony. When you choose us, you're picking a partner who understands your goals. We deliver web solutions that are fast, reliable, and tailored to what you need.

PHP Vue.js

PHP + Vue.js

At Softlabs, we unite PHP's backend strength with Vue.js's interactive front-end magic. PHP takes care of the server tasks, while Vue.js brings web pages to life with its dynamic features. Together, they create websites that are both engaging and efficient. Our team has the expertise to make them work seamlessly together. When you partner with us, you're choosing a team that's dedicated to delivering a web solution that's fast, user-friendly, and perfectly suited to your needs.



At Softlabs, we blend PHP's coding strength with MySQL's data expertise. Together, they form powerful web apps that handle data smoothly. PHP manages the code, while MySQL takes care of storing and fetching data quickly. Our team ensures these two work in harmony. By choosing us, you're opting for a web solution that's both reliable and tailored. We focus on making sure your data is safe, fast to access, and serves your business goals.



At Softlabs, we pair PHP's coding power with AWS's vast cloud resources. PHP handles the scripting, while AWS provides a secure and scalable cloud environment. Together, they craft cloud apps that are both flexible and dependable. Our team ensures they mesh perfectly. When you team up with us, you're getting a cloud solution that's efficient, budget-friendly, and built to last. We prioritize your needs, ensuring your cloud app is always up, fast, and serving your goals.

PHP Docker

PHP + Docker

At Softlabs, we integrate PHP's scripting with Docker's container magic. PHP crafts the app, while Docker ensures it runs the same everywhere. This combo means easier deployment and consistent performance. Our team makes sure they work in sync. By choosing us, you're getting a solution that's both efficient and reliable. We focus on simplifying your app's journey from development to launch, ensuring it's always ready to serve.

PHP Magento

PHP + Magento

At Softlabs, we blend PHP's flexibility with Magento's ecommerce expertise. PHP drives the core, while Magento adds the shopping magic. Together, they create online stores that are both user-friendly and feature-rich. Our team ensures they work seamlessly. When you partner with us, you're choosing a store solution that's tailored, efficient, and built for growth. We prioritize your business needs, crafting a platform that captivates shoppers and boosts sales.

PHP WooCommerce

PHP + WooCommerce

At Softlabs, we unite PHP's scripting strength with WooCommerce's e-commerce charm. PHP lays the foundation, while WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with WordPress, offering a shopping experience that's both smooth and feature-packed. Our team ensures they blend perfectly. When you collaborate with us, you're getting an online store that's user-friendly, adaptable, and designed to convert. We focus on your business vision, delivering a platform that stands out and drives sales.

PHP Shopify

PHP + Shopify

Mix PHP's strong backend with Shopify's top e-commerce tools for standout online shops. PHP handles the techy stuff, while Shopify makes shopping smooth. Together, they build stores that look good and work even better. Our team ensures your store is both eye-catching and safe. With this combo, you get a store that draws customers in and keeps their data secure.

PHP Openchart

PHP + OpenCart

Blend PHP's scripting strength with OpenCart's e-commerce platform for top-tier online stores. PHP powers the backend, while OpenCart ensures smooth shopping. The result? Stores that are easy to navigate, with secure payment processes. Our expertise crafts a shopping journey that feels natural and keeps customers coming back.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer for Different Industries

Trusted by 2000+ startups, SMBs, and enterprises in diverse industries, hire our proficient PHP developers today!



Our PHP Developers create secure healthcare web apps (EHRs, telemedicine, patient portals), revolutionizing care with improved efficiency and patient engagement.

Retail And Ecommerce

Retail And Ecommerce

Our PHP developers build feature-rich websites, online stores, and inventory systems using Laravel and Magento frameworks, empowering retailers to enhance their online presence.

Banking And Finance

Banking And Finance

Our PHP developers use Laravel to create secure web apps for online banking, payment gateways, and customer portals, enhancing security, automation, and the digital banking experience.

Tourism Industry

Tourism Industry

Our PHP developers create dynamic travel websites with seamless API integration, empowering tourism businesses to offer personalized experiences and streamline bookings for customer satisfaction.

Education Industry

Education Industry

We resolve education concerns with PHP (Laravel & CodeIgniter), creating interactive websites, learning systems, and student portals for high-quality online education.



Our skilled PHP developers use Laravel and CodeIgniter to optimize transportation operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation for transportation companies.

Our Case Studies

Dive into our PHP development case studies to witness the prowess of our PHP developers in action. From crafting mortgage lending platforms to building robust CRM systems, our team has transformed visions into tangible results. Each project showcases our commitment to innovation and client success.

Dating Application

React Native | Node JS | Express | Microservices

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Reverse Mortgage based Lending Platform for Senior

PHP Core | Vue JS | MySQL

Explore Case Study

Capital Project Planner

Microsoft .NET with MVC 5 | Angular JS | JavaScript | MS SQL Server

Explore Case Study

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Management Platform

Microsoft .NET with MVC 5 | MS SQL Server | Visual Studio

Explore Case Study

Hire PHP Developers Your way: our Adaptable Hiring Models

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

  • Collaborate with a dedicated team of skilled developers, designers, and experts exclusively working on your project.
  • Full control and direct communication with the team to ensure project alignment and transparency.
  • Scalability to easily adjust team size according to changing project needs.
Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

  • Opt for specific developers or resources to meet your project's unique technical and skill requirements.
  • Flexibility to tailor the team composition based on your evolving needs.
  • Seamless integration of the chosen resources into your project workflow.

Time & Material

  • Engage in a flexible model where payment is based on the resources utilized and time invested.
  • Ideal for projects with evolving requirements or scopes, allowing for adaptability.
  • Transparent pricing and close alignment between effort and cost.

Softlabs PHP Developers vs Common Freelancer Trap


  • Efficient Onboarding
  • Assured Project Completion
  • Developer Reliability
  • Adaptable Contract Options
  • Enhanced Management Involvement
  • Sustained Project Completion Assistance
  • Accelerated Project Timelines

Softlabs PHP Developers

  • Swift (Within 48 Hours)
  • Guaranteed
  • Dependable
  • High Flexibility
  • Elevated Engagement
  • Holistic Support
  • Shortest Duration


  • Slower (4-5 days)
  • Not Guaranteed
  • Unreliable
  • Limited Flexibility
  • Reduced Involvement
  • Limited support
  • Longest Duration

Softlabs PHP Developers vs Common Freelancer Trap

Aspects Softlabs Developers Freelancers
Efficient Onboarding Swift (Within 48 Hours) Slower (4-5 Days)
Assured Project
Guaranteed Not Guaranteed
Developer Reliability Dependable Unreliable
Contract Options
High Flexibility Limited Flexibility
Management Involvement
Elevated Engagement Reduced Involvement
Sustained Project
Completion Assistance
Holistic Support Limited Support
Project Timelines
Shortest Duration Longest Duration
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Softlabs Group is the most reliable PHP web development company. We believe in the security and privacy of our clients; even we sign an NDA with every PHP developer that ensures privacy and security.

Our working procedure is very flexible, so you can easily communicate through skype, outlook, emails, teams, and WhatsApp. Or we can communicate through the platform, where you can easily be available with us.

Yes, Softlabs provide/employ a developer as per your needs. You can hire a developer for hourly or project-based tasks if you know how much time your project/task requires.

Yes, Softlabs Group provides you fully skilled and qualified dedicated developers for your business and plays a crucial role in resolving issues. We provide maintenance and support if you are planning to migrate.

Yes, we provide dedicated PHP programmers in various industries like Healthcare, FinTech, Retail & eCommerce, Government & Private Sector, Travel & Hospitality, Education & e-Learning, Logistics & Transportation, Real Estate & Construction, etc. So, go ahead and hire dedicated programmers for your particular industry.

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