All Survey - Survey/Assessment Portal

Helps you create Survey Campaigns dynamically on a Click of a button.

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All Survey is an Online Survey Portal which can be used by large corporate, government agencies, market research companies and advertising agencies across the globe.

All Survey helps you create Survey Campaigns dynamically on a Click of a button and presents state of art reports and insights based on the data.


  • Online Interface accessible through Internet

  • Pre-defined Survey Templates can be created and used wherever required for creating Campaigns

  • You can get feedback on any type of question using dynamic and intellectual combinations of various programming objects like CheckBoxes, RadioButtons, Lists, TextAreas, etc.

  • Dynamically lets you skip to a certain section of the questionnaire and jump to specific sections based on the outputs of certain questions which are set during the creation of Survey.

  • Fully responsive interface working on all devices like Desktops, Tablets and all cell phone resolutions

  • Excellent Dashboards with intellectual perspectives can be prepared using and aligning the data stored during the Survey Campaign.

  • Useful for Feedbacks, Assessments, Market Research and many more requirements.

  • Highly secured and robust software application

  • Data and Dashboards can be exported to formats like Excel, Pdf, Csv, etc. Protection Status  © Copyright 2003 - 2024 Softlabs Technologies & Development Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.