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Organizations with different Multi Level Marketing Schemes applicable in their business can use our Online MLM Software or our Online MLM Software Development Services. This Online MLM Software accurately implements the complex rules for every MLM Businesss Plan and generates state of art Member Usage and Admin/MIS Reports which you will not find in any other MLM Software. Also, this Online MLM Software keeps track of Dispatch and Inventory of Products. Service Management, Complaint Management with Follow-Up and Accounting are other key benefits in our Online MLM Software.

Features of MLM Software

Online Registration for Membership with Online Payment Options

Our Online MLM Software facilitates online registration of a Member using Pins or Epins Method and Admin Activation Method. Our MLM Software also facilitates payment by Credit Cards.

Automatic SMS sending after successfull registration.

Using our Online MLM Software you can send automatic SMS to your Members after successful registration.

Automatic SMS to all Members providing information on Products, Updates and New Offers.

Our MLM Software also sends SMS for New Products Launch and Payout Alerts.

Extended Features

Online Member Reports

With our Online MLM Software Members can view all the required details and reports online like Geneology, Payout Report, Pending Payout Report, Current Joining’s and Total Joining and Details of a Down-line Member.

Online Complaint Registration/Query

The Online MLM Software facilitates sending an Online Complaint from the Member to the Admin for any reason like Product Not Received, Payout Status etc.

Management Information Reports

Using our Online MLM Software, Management can view day-to-day progress and joining in various teams and have a systematic analysis for promoting and motivating a particular set of people.

Email notification of Payouts and other New & Events

Our Online MLM Software automatically sends Emails with Payout Details and Email Alerts for any New Updates.

Advertising of Concepts and Different Schemes of the Company

You can Advertise different concepts and new products of your company using our Online MLM Software.

About MLM

What is MLM?

MLM, or Multi Level Marketing has been around since the 1940's, according to The Greatest Opportunity In The History Of The World, a book by John Kalench.

The basic premise of MLM has several facets to it:

selling a product or service, making sales targets to acheive bonuses, and recruiting others to earn commissions on their sales and bonuses.

Each company differs somewhat in their approach, sales techniques, training, recruiting, commission and payout structure. But for the most part, you can count on a MLM company to be as good as their recruiters, managers, and/or upline. A product may be spectacular, and the payout structure even better, but if you are lacking in resources or support (or worse, contact with the financial department when they owe you money) then you're in for a very rough ride.

A typical MLM program will look something like this:

No direct recruits: You receive X amount on all personal sales, with X increasing as your sales increase proportionally.

Direct recruits: Same as above, but you now earn X amount on all of your direct recruits sales as well. Usuallly, there are personal mimimums that you need to meet in order to receive these bonuses from your direct recruits.

Indirect recruits: Same as above, but now you earn X amount on all of your indirect recruits sales as well. Many companies have different compensation amounts for different levels of indirect recruits, with some compensating to infinity (which means that you will receive a commission for each sale of ALL of your recruits, as long as there is no broken link anywhere).

Most MLM companies have a start-up fee to cover the cost of administration, setting up an "account" with the financial department, supplies, samples, and information. It is not hard to find several well-known companies that you can start with for less than Rs. 500/-, which is one of the many pluses to MLM. The potential for a better than normal income is good, but you will need to work hard to get your business off the ground. However, with hard work, a great product or service, reasonable prices, good marketing and networking, and some direct recruits, you could earn an income comparable (or better) to what you make in the "real world."

Selling A Product or Service

The first thing that you will need to determine is what kind of product or service that you are interested in selling. With literally thousands of MLM companies currently in business, there are as many choices as there are interests.

Take a good look at what interests you, and what you do in your spare time. If your life is focused around your children, you may want to look at a company that focuses on children's toys, clothes, or software. However, you may also want a break to take the time to investigate other interests - by all means do so! Sports, recreation, nutritionals, weight loss, apparel, telecommunications, deregulated utilities, computers, and pet care are just some of the more popular arenas that are covered at this time.

The second thing that you need to discover is if there is a need for the product or service that you have in mind. If you live in a small town, your odds are even better at success; take a look at your local Yellow Pages and see how many companies cover your field of interest. How many of those listed are willing to make house calls? Probably none - and thus your market.

If there is a genuine need for your product or service, you should have no problem finding representatives to build your downline. Many of your best customers will eventually become your downline, as they will want to get their product or services at the reduced rate. The customer who just can't stop talking about how great your product or service is your best publicity, and a great asset to your team.

And finally, on the subject of your product or service, make sure that the prices are in line with the going market rate. Prices that are either grossly under or over the norm should raise a red flag in your head - make sure that there is a valid reason as to why the pricing is the way it is. You will be asked about the above many times by your customers, so make sure that you know before you start selling.

Making Sales Targets To Achieve Bonuses.

The majority of the time, when you see an advertisment along the likes of, "Make 1,000 a day in your spare time!" you are usually dealing with a MLM company, and an energetic sales person who is actively looking for recruits. Farfectched perhaps, but the first couple that you saw got your attention, didn't they?

Most MLM companies will have a very complex plan to help you to "see" how easy it is to make a ton of money, and this is partially where the sales targets come into place. If all that you did was to recruit, then no one is selling any product - which is not what the MLM company, or your upline, wants! And if every single one of your downline did the same, you would be doing a tremendous amount of work for nothing, since your commissions are based entirely on sales.

Take a good look at what the sales targets are for the companies that you are interested in. Are they acheivable by your standards? Are there several levels of participation and payout? Is it relatively easy to understand? Don't forget, this is how you will be making the most of your income from MLM, so you want to make sure that yo uunderstand it well, and are able to make the sales targets to ensure decent (or even excellent) compensation for your time, money, and effort.

Things To Do Before becoming a Member

Signing Up Check with the Better Business Bureau first, to see if the company in question has any complaints about them on file. Whether or not they do or not is not necessarily an indicator, but rather an information source to use to your benefit. Any problems that have several mentions on file need to be researched carefully, to ensure that they also do not happen to you.

Contact the head office of the company. If this information is difficult to get, then you know that there is something to worry about. I personally came across this situation with a company, but because my upline was an in-law, I assumed the best. I am now undertaking legal action with the company in question, because there is no longer any means of contacting this company that I can find.

Get a complete product listing before signing up, along with a price list. You do not want any surprises after starting to tell the products and services of your chosen company. It also helps to know all of the facets of any one company, and therefore all of the products offered, as these could affect your final decision. For instance, while I was still working for the local telephone company, BC Tel, I was invited to start with a well-reputed MLM company. However, one of their newest products was long distance services, which would have been a conflict of interest. I found this out at work, actually, and not by the person who would have been my upline. It pays to do your research! What sort of ongoing support is there? Some of the more popular network marketing companies have monthly, weekly or seasonal meetings for all of their local representatives, to meet, greet, network, and learn from other's mistakes and successes. Attending one of these meetings, if they exist in your area, is a great idea, an your potential upline representative will be thrilled with your enthusiasm.

What is the payout structure?

You need this in writing as well, in great detail. The more information that you can gather about this area of the company you are researching, the better. To a new representative, these particular documents can be especially daunting, so maybe go over them with both your potential upline, and an unrelated (to the situation) friend. In my opinion, the easier to understand the payout structure, the better. Since you will need to recruit other representatives if you do decide to join, you will need to explain every nuances of the program many, many times to a lot of people. Therefore, the easier, the better!

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