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Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Development is on the rise as the world of crypto becomes more mainstream. As this digital currency trend grows, people are looking for ways to earn profits efficiently. Trading bots are the answer. These are automated software tools designed to simplify trading. They connect to financial exchanges via APIs and make buy or sell decisions based on market movements, ensuring users get the best returns.

As a leading crypto exchange development company, we provide the best crypto trading bot development services aimed at meeting customer expectations and satisfaction alike. We have a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge coupled with vast experience in building & modelling the trading bots.

Our trading bot developers can build a customized or bespoke crypto trading bot solution of your own while ascertaining high-end functionalities and security. Also, we have an expertise in developing clone of crypto trading bot applications like Cryptohopper, Mudrex, RoyalQ Bot MLM App, HaasOnline, 3Commas, Bitsgap etc. We assure you with the best trading bot solution that helps you stay abreast of the crypto market.

We, as a Blockchain Firm are well equipped to deliver a ready-made crypto trading bot with commendable features that help you take on the crypto market.

Crypto Trading Bot Development Services To Elevate Your Trades

Our expertise in automated trading software development will significantly contribute in the increase of your business profit.

Automation of exclusive trading strategies/ techniques

We assist our clients to transform their crypto trading strategies into smarter algorithms and develop bots to execute them automatically with superior efficiency and consistency.

Technical & fundamental analysis

With a deep understanding of market trends and technical expertise, we can code any kind of technical indicators or series indicator into trading algorithms that assist the bot to make better decisions while executing automated trades in the market.

Integrating bots with any crypto exchange

We have years of experience building automated trading bots for our client that can execute in a quick and efficient manner on any crypto exchange platform. These include Coinbase, Bitbns, CoinDCX, BuyUCoin and a dozen of other premium platforms.

Why use bots in crypto trading?

Trade automatically 24/7

Accumulates live market data

Calculate indicators

Easy Execution of live orders

Simulates order execution

Calculates profit and risk metrics

Display the results graphically in a web interface

Manage and import historical market data

Trading Strategies We Hardcode into Your Bots

Integrating the best strategy into your bot is essential to minimize risks, limit losses and grow profits. Our developers have expertise in building an influential strategy engine with intelligent algorithms to direct the bot with precise and profitable trading signals. Following are the bot strategies we follow:

  •   Arbitrage Trading
  •   Copy - Trading
  •   Pool Trading
  •   DCA (Dollar-Cost-Averaging) / Martingale Strategy
  •   Time Trading Strategy

Want To Develop Your Own Crypto Trading Bot Like

Features of Our Customized Crypto Trading Bots

Reduce the downtime to zero for your trading activities with our custom-made crypto trading bots. The crypto trading bots built by us allow you to impeccably trade your cryptocurrencies across multiple crypto exchange platforms.

Real-Time & Past Records Backtesting

With this feature, you can test the performance of your bots real-time & also back-test strategies with historical data of market to evaluate their applicability accuracy and capability.

Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage trading allows you to buy in one market and sell in another place to make better profits of the variances. This helps you stay on the toes in the crypto market.

Supports Multiple Exchanges

The crypto trading bots that we develop are compatible with multiple crypto exchanges and can efficiently trade on multiple platforms concurrently.

Notification and Reporting

Get live updates related to your profits, losses or any trade metrics as per your requirement by integrating with channels of your choice such as Telegram.

Assured Privacy

We develop a crypto trading bot with assured privacy as we understand the business confidentiality is of utmost importance & we try to maintain that in each and every aspect.

User-Friendly Interface

We develop customized bots as per your needs and are scalable depending on your request to execute precise strategies. The interfaces are built keeping in mind the conduciveness to User’s expectation.

Our Trading Bot Development Process

Our Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Development process includes the following steps

  • 1. Discuss Requirement

    Multiple back & forth conversational interactions with a client to collect their requirements

  • 2. Planning and evaluating

    Planning and evaluating the ideas to derive relevant inputs followed by a meticulous plan of implementation

  • 3. Development

    Developing the trading bot as per mutually finalized scope

  • 4. Testing

    Testing the bot performance from functional execution, security, optimization and scalability perspective

  • 5. Live Deployment

    Deploy your own auto trading bot on Cloud server and make it live



Trusted By 2000+ Customers Since 2003

We have clients globally including USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Australia and retained 90% of them.


Trusted By 2000+ Customers Since 2003

We have clients globally including USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Australia and retained 90% of them.

Why Choose Us For Crypto Trading Bot solutions?

Softlabs Group has been offering efficient Crypto Trading Bot Development Solutions for an enhanced ROI of the Client’s business for quite some time now. As a top Blockchain development company, we assure you with a highly secure, scalable and customized solution for your business.

Superior crypto trading bot development services

Expertise in cryptocurrency and AI

cutting-edge technologies

Assured security and quality

Transparency Is Guaranteed

Cost Effective Solution

In Time Delivery

24/7 instant support

Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto trading bot is a computer program that is built using automated trading and investment strategy to help Users automatically buy or sell cryptocurrencies at an appropriate time on crypto exchanges, basis a well-calculated & specified logic. Their main objective is producing profit at high risk minimizing the down the losses.

The profitability of a trading bot depends on the following factors
  • As the crypto trading bot is a form of an investment strategy, it is profitable to the extent of the idea behind the strategy.
  • The standards & quality of implementation of a bot. Developing a trading bot needs expertise in software development, experience in trading strategies and market microservices structure knowledge.
  • The performance of the technical infrastructure behind the trading bot also matters a lot when it comes to the profitability of the trading bot. If an automated trading strategy responds with a latency of even a millisecond, it becomes too late to exercise control on the trade request leading to losses. Such a trading bot, deployed on a shared or incapable infrastructure, can’t be profitable. Hence the Technical architecture and infra has to be robust & reliable.
  • The ability to parametrize and change the logic of a bot according to the chosen market needs also decide the profitability.
Softlabs Group automates trading on major crypto exchanges like
  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Bitmex
  • HitBTC
  • Bitbay
  • Coindeal
  • Bitmart, and many more
We can’t quote a fixed figure as cost. The cost of the crypto trading bot development depends upon multiple aspects like complexity, business niche, time limitations, experts working on it, and support. Based on Client’s expectations after evaluating all these aspects we can furnish and present a precise quote. However, we can assure you of a competitive pricing along with a wide range of services.
As algorithms are executed on the server-side, we can host the bot on a suitably configured server environment for you. You can have full access & control of your trading algorithms with lightweight and user-friendly frontend application, that do not have any excessive or heavy system requirements.

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