Cover Loads – Compliance Monitoring for Material Transportation


Cover Loads is an advanced object detection model designed for analyzing images captured at the entry and exit points of quarries. The primary objective is to ensure compliance in the transportation of various materials by verifying whether vehicles adhere to the proper guidelines. Utilizing AI compliance monitoring, the model specifically checks for the usage of appropriate tarps for materials that require such cover during transportation.


  • Object Detection:
    • The goal here is to detect and identify vehicles and check for the presence of tarps on them.
    • Analyzing images or video feeds from cameras, the system can recognize and classify vehicles. Additionally, it can identify whether a tarp is present on the vehicle.
  • Material Compliance Verification:
    • Verify whether the type of material being transported requires a tarp for compliance.
    • The system checks the type of material being transported against a predefined list or set of rules. If the material is on the list, it flags that a tarp should be present.
  • Compliance Assessment:
    • Determine if the vehicle is following proper compliance rules, including the use of tarps for specific materials.
    • The system assesses whether the detected vehicle follows the rules regarding tarps based on material type. If a violation is detected, the system could generate alerts or notifications for further action.

Implementation Highlights:

  • Deep Learning Models:
    • Employs YOLOv7 convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for vehicle and object detection.
    • The model may have been trained on a dataset containing annotated images of vehicles with and without tarps.
  • Data Input: Analyses images collected at the entry and exit of a quarry.
  • Output: Flags non-compliant vehicles and possibly provides a compliance report.


  • Artificial Intelligence: YOLOv7 for real-time object detection, ensuring quarry transportation compliance.
  • Python and .NET: Utilized for model implementation, system development, and seamless deployment using the ONNX format, guaranteeing an efficient and interoperable solution.


Cover Loads is invaluable for quarry management, ensuring the safe and compliant transportation of materials. By automating the compliance-checking process, it enhances overall safety measures and minimizes the risk of accidents or environmental hazards associated with improper transportation practices.