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Offshore Requirements Management

  • Client Management

  • Client wise Project Management

  • Project wise Requirement and Demand Letters

  • VISA Block Management

Candidate Sourcing Management

  • Agent Management

  • Auto vacancy generation from Demand Letter and Auto - Emailing to Agents

  • Candidate Registration, Scrutiny and Documentation

  • Robust Interview Scheduling and Candidate Selection Process

  • Job Category wise Allocation

  • Visa Category wise Visa Block Allocation

MOFA Process Management

  • Medical Test Report Updation

  • MOFA No. Generation

  • Re- MOFA

  • MOFA Fees/Medical Fees/DD (Visa) Fees Management

Visa Stamping Process

  • Stringent Physical Document Checking before Visa Submission

  • Visa Submission Scheduling

  • Receive Visa Approved-Disapproved Summary

  • Visa Re-Submissions

Immigration Process

  • Immigration Agent Management

  • Visa Segregation into ECR/ECNR

  • Immigration Submission Scheduling

  • Receive Immigration Done List

Ticketing Process

  • Travel Agent Management

  • Ticket Block Booking

  • Allocation of Tickets from Ticket Block

  • Updation of Travelling Status

  • Penalty in case of Cancellation

  • Ticket transfer


  • Updation of Deployment Status

  • Deployed Candidates List

  • Passport Release


  • MOFA, Medical and DD Fees Paid Details

  • Agent Invoice of Service Charge

  • Candidate Invoice for Service Charge

  • Extra MOFA/Ticketing Charges

  • Receipts and Payments

Special Features

  • Robust and Easy Work Flow Management

  • Business Intelligent MIS Reports for all Processes

  • In House Data Bank of Candidates

  • Candidate History Protection Status  © Copyright 2003 - 2024 Softlabs Technologies & Development Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.