Meet Our Dynamic Leadership Team

Introducing the driving force behind our success, Softlabs’ dynamic leadership team. With a seamless blend of visionary thinking, technical expertise, strategic acumen, and a steadfast commitment to inclusive management, they steer our custom software development company towards continuous innovation and excellence.

Leaders Who Excel in Tech Challenges

Mithilesh Bandiwdekar Group CEO

Mithilesh Bandiwdekar

Group CEO

A dedicated individual working consistently for the past 20 years for an IT House. Experience of managing multiple faculties like finance, accounts, business development and marketing of the company. Having passion of understanding different business domains and contributing towards the growth of those companies by enhancing the IT implementation techniques. Possessing qualities like good communications skills, belief in doing ethical business, emphasis on client satisfactions and value addition.

Responsible for implementing strategies to boost exponential growth of the company, Human Resource Development, Finance Management and all other important faculties. Successful in strategic planning and expansion of Softlabs Group for the past 20 years.

Duties :

  • Implementing Local and International Marketing Activities

  • Developing Innovative Strategies to enhance growth

  • Business Promotion and Reputation Development of the Company

  • Liasing with regulatory bodies for company documentation

  • Building Long term Client relationships

  • Project Management and Business Operations

  • Managing Income and Expenditures


  • Aggressive growth oriented implementation skills

  • Comprehensive understanding of software business

  • Motivating Leadership Skills

Tomas Persson

Head of Nordic

Tomas Persson is an internationally experienced businessman with extensive experience from both IT and Telecom. Tomas Persson joined Softlabs in 2017 with the task of establish Softlabs Group within Sweden and the Nordics.

His pervious roles have consisted of selling advanced technological solutions, managing and leading of international customer team across geographical locations, managing advanced and complex projects both nationally and internationally.

Tomas Persson likes best to work in an international environment and utilize his experience of managing/developing clients and partners in different industries.

Tomas has a compressed MBA from Scandinavian Management Institute.

Tomas Persson Head of Nordic
Makrand Patkar Head of Business Development

Makrand Patkar


A motivated self‐starter with experience in B2B as well as B2C Marketing and Customer Relations at a global level. Makarand, with a proven proficiency at Tech and market research companies has a keen eye & interest for commercial aspects. After having started his career with a standalone establishment offering retail services mainly, he has been working along with the leading organisations like Tech Mahindra, Cheers Interactive & Fsl Software Technologies previously.

His substantiated abilities have helped develop an environment conducive to handling pressure in the organisation. As an amiable member he leads the entire team with a hope and "Never Say Die" attitude in any predicament

As the driving force behind generating new sales leads and contacts, alongside effective & motivational Team handling, he has proved to be highly-prized asset to Softlabs Group.

Makarand's business vision is synonymous to the Group's core mission that includes a steady progress on global penetration alongside a well-maintained build-out momentum of esteemed local Clientele.

Reshma Bandiwdekar

Head of Operations

Reshma Bandiwdekar is a highly experienced Senior Management Professional with extensive experience from IT, Finance and Customer Relationship Management sectors. Reshma Bandiwdekar heads Softlabs for organizing their IT teams in India. Her diversified role includes activities such as managing client relations, handling multiple teams and projects at a time, ensuring complete execution of software solutions in timely manner, planning optimal utilization of resources, recruiting new resources, assigning tasks etc.

Her previous roles have revolved around the various processes involved in the Finance Industry. She has acquired in-depth knowledge about the frontend as well as backend processes of Derivatives, Equity and Rates Markets and was awarded the SME-Subject Matter Expert Title. She has received several awards for her outstanding performance, sincerity, dedication and hard work from her previous organizations.

Reshma Bandiwdekar also encompass sizeable experience in Customer Relationship Management. Providing first-hand Product and Customer Support for Technical and Non-Technical issues.

Reshma Bandiwdekar likes challenges. She has a knack for collaborating with multiple teams, studying and handling diversified projects at a time. She scrutinizes each upcoming issue and ensure resolution in quick turnaround time. She apprehends the importance of Client Relations and utilize her experience towards developing positive partnerships.

Reshma Bandiwdekar has a Bachelor in Computer Science Degree from Mumbai University

Reshma Bandiwdekar Head of Operations
Dinesh Jadhav CTO

Dinesh Jadhav


Dinesh, with an intense craving for technology has a strong mix of skills in the areas of managing and foreseeing the potential applicability avenues of software development, computer networking, cryptography, and algorithms and data structures alongside AI and IOT. Beyond building on existing technologies, Dinesh has the organisation embarked on the journey of making something brand new that synchronises with his vision.

Mamata Bandiwdekar

Senior Manager

Experienced senior manager with a remarkable 14-year tenure in a global IT house, excelling in leadership, strategic planning, communication, digital marketing and human resources. Recognized for building high-performing teams, implementing innovative marketing strategies and leveraging digital platforms for brand growth. Passionate about driving organizational success through the power of people, effective marketing campaigns and impactful brand experiences.

Responsibilities :

  • Leadership and Team Management

  • Budgeting and Resource Management

  • Stakeholder Management

  • IT Governance and Compliance

  • Vendor Management


  • Company Brand Creation and Promotion

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Human Resources

  • Digital Marketing

Mamata Bandiwdekar Senior Manager
Sangramsinh Patil Fintech Solutions and Systems Integration Specialist

Sangramsinh Patil

Fintech Solutions and Systems Integration Specialist

Sangram is Fintech Solutions and Systems Integration Specialist at Softlabs Group. He is a seasoned IT professional with over 20+ years of experience. He has worked extensively in the Financial IT sector & acquired specialization in Payments, Investment Banking domain. He has previously worked with organizations like Infosys, Virtusa Consulting, Transfast (MasterCard Company) & Intellect. With this he got an opportunity to provide business/technology solutions to the leading organizations/clients like RBS, UBS, Barclays, NAB, Citi & Bangkok Bank. Throughout his career he has played various roles such as Domain/ Business Consultant, Solution Architect, Product Specialist and System Integration Specialist

Your Journey with Our Accomplished Leaderships

Innovative Direction

Innovative Direction

Our leadership team sets the course for innovation, driving the company toward new horizons of technological advancement.

Expert Technical Guidance

Expert Technical Guidance

Backed by vast technical expertise, our leadership team provides invaluable insights, enabling the seamless execution of complex projects.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

The leadership team's progressive thinking and industry insights influence our strategy, helping us stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Inspiring Mentorship

Inspiring Mentorship

Through mentorship and guidance, our leadership team helps team members grow, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership

Our leaders stay agile, adapting to industry shifts and evolving technologies, ensuring our offerings remain relevant and cutting-edge.

Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision

With a strategic approach, our leadership team ensures that each initiative aligns with our long-term goals, fostering sustainable growth.

Inclusive Management

Inclusive Management

Our leaders are committed to fostering an inclusive environment, empowering diverse teams and enhancing collaboration.

Resilient Decision-Making

Resilient Decision-Making

Our leaders excel in making calculated decisions even in challenging situations, ensuring the company's stability and growth.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customer-Centric Approach

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, our leaders ensure that our solutions meet and exceed client expectations.



The leadership team's results-oriented mindset ensures that our efforts translate into measurable success for our clients and the company.




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