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Why Hire Dedicated Developers from Softlabs Group ?

20 Year Old

20 Year Old Software Development Company

2000+ Client

2000+ Client : Proven Track Record

Products Built

Products Built with New Tech

Cost Effective


Experienced Indian Developers

Experienced Indian Developers

Benefits of Outsourcing Dedicated Developers


Cost Saving

Outsourcing reduces costs by avoiding full-time staff expenses, offering lower wages from global markets.


Flexible and Scalable

Easily scale your team with outsourcing, adapting swiftly to business changes and market demands.


Faster Market Entry

Accelerate market entry with outsourced teams, speeding up new product or service launches.


Risk Reduction

Mitigate risks through outsourcing, with geographically diverse teams cushioning against local fluctuations and issues.


Innovation and New Tech

Outsourced developers bring innovation and latest tech experience, infusing new ideas into projects.


Better Compliance and Security

Ensure better compliance and security with professional outsourcing firms' high standards.

Dedicated Developers with Next-Gen Tech

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Empowering smart solutions through AI for enhanced decision-making and automation.


Leveraging blockchain for secure, transparent, and decentralized business solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Integrating IoT to connect and optimize devices for smarter operations.

Big Data

Harnessing big data insights for strategic, data-driven business growth.


Creating immersive AR/VR experiences for interactive and engaging customer interactions.

Our Dedicated Developer Expertisee

High Tech Innovation by our Developers


Our developers expertly crafted a smart golf training aid using AI, providing real-time analysis of putting techniques. Their proficiency in AI application and prototype refinement ensured accurate, user-centric feedback for faster improvement.

Advanced Sensor

Our team adeptly developed a tool for real-time sales and stock tracking in retail, utilizing advanced sensors. This innovative solution, tested thoroughly through prototyping, enables retailers to make quick, informed decisions based on reliable data.


Our team crafted a secure, blockchain-enabled Electronic Health Records system, giving patients greater control over their health information. Through prototype testing, we ensured efficient, secure management and access to healthcare records.

Hire a Dedicated Development Team for your Industry

Food Industry

91 Restaurant

Real Estate

Avestor Inc, USA




Dating Application


Consillium Academy, South Africa

Transport Industry

SkyGold Group, Zambia

Shipping Industry

Ant International Exports

Tourism Industry

Tarkarli Tourism

Pharmaceuticals Industry

B | Braun

Specialized Services By Dedicated Developers

Software Development

We've been making custom software for all types of businesses for over 20 years.

Mobile Apps

We build advanced mobile apps with cool features like IoT (Internet of Things), AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and chatbots.

AI/Machine Learning

We create smart, AI-based products and algorithms to help businesses with their unique challenges.


Our team makes secure and powerful apps using blockchain technology for both new and big companies.

IoT Development

As one of India's top IoT companies, we offer specialized IoT services and solutions that fit your business needs.

IT Outsourcing

We do more than just tech. We focus on knowing your industry and understanding what your customers want.

SaaS & Software Products

We use creative designs and flexible development methods to make software products that enhance customer experience.

Web App Development

With 10 years of experience, we are experts in making high-quality, adaptable web apps.

Different Hiring Models for you

Dedicated Team Model Time and Materials Fixed Price Model
Features You hire a team that is exclusively dedicated to your project. The team works as an extension of your in-house staff. Costs are based on the actual time spent by the development team and the materials used. The total cost of the project is agreed upon before the development starts. This model has a defined scope and deadlines.
Suitability Ideal for long-term projects with evolving requirements. Offers flexibility in managing changing needs and scaling the team. Best for projects where requirements are not well-defined and are expected to change. Suitable for projects with well-defined requirements and a clear scope. Good for small to medium-sized projects.
Payment Typically, you pay a monthly fee based on the team size and composition. Payment is made for the time and resources used, usually at an hourly or daily rate. A single lump sum or agreed-upon instalments based on project milestones.

Process to Hire Dedicated Developers

Share your requirements.
We shortlist the most suitable talent.
Select the right fit for your business.
Remote Onboarding & Support.

Trusted by 2000+ Clients since 2003

We have clients globally including USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Australia and retained 90% of them.



Brian Law

IT Manager, FP McCann Ltd. - UK

Softlabs Group has been engaged with us for the development of Mobile iOS/Android/Windows APPs, Desktop Apps, Touch Screen Windows APPs. Their staff have mostly been doing this work remotely but two of their resources spent some time in our offices in Northern Ireland getting project scopes & building relationships with our local team. They provided flexible services with both competent & professional staff.

Ashwin Gurjao

Operations Manager, Symbio Energy Limited. - UK

Compared to previous developers we’ve worked with, Softlabs’ development quality is really amazing. Their expertise is very strong. Softlabs gave us real-time feedback on how things are going, and what can or can't be done. Their flexibility and willingness to pivot when we think is necessary is really appreciated.

Pride Sinkala

Managing Director, SKYGOLD Ltd. - Zambia

Softlabs Group has the ability to understand the end-user and developing appropriate solutions to meet their needs. Everyone I have dealt with from the company has been extremely courteous and professional. I appreciated their dedication, critical thinking, and great responsiveness. I don’t have any doubts about recommending Softlabs to others who are looking for development partner.

Haron Kiriba

CEO, Wiseman Talent Ventures - Kenya

Team did an outstanding job delivering a high quality software with the given deadlines. They were always available to discuss the details about the project to make sure we were focused in the right direction. I will surely recommend their services to anyone looking for a dedicated and highly experienced team.

Mohammad Kamal Ahmad

Sr. Manager - Research & Advanced Analytics , Arabian Research Bureau - Oman

We would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding work accomplished by your team in areas such as Quality of work, Adaptability, Collaboration, and Effective Communication. Your dedication to these aspects has significantly contributed to our positive collaboration.

Balaji Iyengar

Senior IT Manager , Nippon India Mutual Fund - India

Softlabs Group's service and results have proven highly successful for us. Their team excels in clear and consistent communication, ensuring that project details are conveyed effectively. What truly stands out is their commitment to building long-term working relationships, going beyond immediate project goals. This dedication not only fosters a positive collaboration environment but also sets the stage for continued success in future endeavors.

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  • Benefit from competitive rates without compromising quality.
  • Dedicated developers integrate smoothly into your existing workflows
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a dedicated developer means having an individual focused solely on your project, offering more control and collaboration. In contrast, outsourcing a project often means handing over the entire project to an external team with less day-to-day oversight.

Benefits include direct communication, better project focus, flexibility in managing development processes, cost-effectiveness, and having a developer who is attuned to your specific project requirements and business culture.

Evaluate their technical skills, experience in relevant technologies, communication abilities, and understanding of your industry. Assess their problem-solving approach and compatibility with your team’s work culture.

Yes, dedicated developers can be hired for varying lengths of time, from short-term projects to long-term collaborations, depending on your project requirements.

Utilize project management tools and regular communication channels like video calls, instant messaging, and emails. Establish clear goals, timelines, and regular check-ins to ensure alignment and progress.

Reputable service providers typically offer the option to replace a developer if they do not meet the project’s requirements or expectations.

Often, yes. Hiring a dedicated developer eliminates many of the overhead costs associated with in-house hiring, such as workspace, equipment, and benefits.

Developers typically sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure your project’s confidentiality and data security.

Yes, most service providers offer the flexibility to scale your team up or down based on the evolving needs of your project.

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