Mpoweredu - educational loan recovery software

An online educational loan recovery application.

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mPowerEDU is an online educational loan recovery application to be used by Government Organisations, NGO and Financial Institutions to manage the scholarship, educational loan offerings and recovery processes in a very dynamic way.

mPowerEDU helps institutions to recover the funds disbursed earlier to the students so that they can fund the education of the next generation.


University Management

Student Management

Employee Management

Loan Applications under a particular Loan Program

Mapping Educational Loan details with the Credit Report of Individual

Salary Management of Employees

Balance Loan Details and Summary Reports

MIS Reports

College Management

Loan Programs Management

Loan Disbursements Academic Year wise

Facilitating Loan Recovery Payments at various recognised Payment Centres

Facilitating Deductions from Monthly Salary of Employees for Educational Loan

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