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As a leading Enterprise Software Development Company in India, we offer a team of highly experienced & skilled developers to build advanced custom software solutions. We partner with you from an idea to execution, and importantly delivering top-tier Software Products on time, within budget, and with optimum quality. Contact us to complete your next project with less stress and expense.

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Custom Software Solutions That Grow Your Business

Softlabs Group is the most preferred software outsourcing and software development company in Mumbai, India, that strives to provide operational and functional software development services. For over a decade and a half, it has been offering innovative and cost-effective web & software development solutions, software development outsourcing, software technology consulting and team augmentation services worldwide. We help our clients to transform their crucial business processes into efficient systems. We have delivered and implemented custom software development solutions for startups, enterprises & digital agencies, efficiently. We are amongst the custom software development companies in India that believe in delivering excellence.

As a Custom Software Development Company, we always strive to provide our clients with high-quality software applications. You will be able to stay up-to-date and ahead of your competitors by using our software tools. We use cutting-edge software development platforms to build your software solution. We use cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to develop and maintain your software application. Our engineering practices are most advanced and we are well-equipped to fulfil your business requirement. As one of the best Software Development Companies in Mumbai, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality services at the most affordable rate. Because of our affordable yet high-quality customer-friendly services, we have carved out a special niche in the field of software development.



Our Knowledge Is Your Power

As an IT outsourcing company, we consider clients perspective and diverse claims when developing software. To assist you in achieving your objectives, we expand our capabilities by working with a variety of programming languages, platforms, and the latest technologies, having the following technology stack as the basis:

  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • JavaScript


  • Vue.Js


  • React


  • Angular


  • .NET


  • C#


  • PHP


  • Node


  • Java Spring Boot

    Java Spring Boot

  • Python


  • Ionic


  • Java


  • Kotlin


  • Objective C

    Objective C

  • Swift


  • React Native

    React Native

  • Xamarin


  • Ethereum - Solidity

    Ethereum - Solidity

  • Hyper Ledger Fabric

    Hyper Ledger Fabric

  • Multichain


  • Custom Blockchain

    Custom Blockchain



Why Are We the Most Reliable Custom Software Development Company in India?

Build Integrity & Transparency

Quality product

We first develop an MVP to test the effectiveness of your product based on your initial feedback, we continue to improve the product until it is exactly matching your business requirements.

Deliver Perfect Solution

Quick development

Our team optimizes all processes and employs the best agile practices with its rich expertise and diverse experience, resulting in a 50% reduction in custom software application development time.

Practice Agility

Latest tech stack

We understand the value of using the right tools and technology for software development. So, we cover the complete range of technologies and programming languages that you may require for your project.

Compel Innovation

Build Integrity & Transparency

We believe in building trust and 100% transparency with our clients. We always keep our clients informed about the development of their projects and provide a clear overview of every tech decision.



Methodologies and Architecture We Follow

With an aim to deliver a strong sustainable product that meets customer expectations, we follow proven and time-tested development methodologies like Agile Software Development, Microservices, CI/CI Pipeline or Waterfall Software Development according to project requirements to make sure it will significantly minimize the risks and improve productivity.

Driven by the focus on meeting Client's expectations while developing any software, we emphasize keeping Client satisfaction at the heart of everything that we do. And that's why we’ve earned the reputation of the most trusted software company in India.



How Do We Approcah Your Business Need?

Our Skilled and experienced software developers cover every aspect of the custom software development process to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency. We adhere to an impeccable workflow and best practices to promote structured software development and reduce the cost of business operations.


Project Planning


Architecture, UX and UI design


MVP launch (upon request)


Development and testing


Deployment and setup


After-release maintenance


Continuous application support (on demand)



Customized To Meet Diverse Needs Of Our Clients

Softlabs Group offers Custom software development solution to help you accomplish your next project with less stress and less cost. We offer the flexibility to select the most suitable hiring model for all our clients.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

If you represent an organization with a challenge that wants dedicated attention, ask about dedicated teams. It’s a pay-as-you-go monthly continuing contract.

check   No hidden costs
check   Monthly Billing
check   Fixed hours of part & full time
check   Pay Only for Significant Work
Controlled Agile

Controlled Agile

The controlled agile engagement model fit best for those who have a restricted budget & still wants some flexibility in the project tasks.

check   No hidden costs
check   Agile Team
check   Optimum flexibility
check   Complete control over budget
Time & Material

Time & Material

If you represent an organization with endless projects requirements & need ongoing work, ask about hourly. It’s a pay-as-you-go hour wise continuing contract.

check   No hidden costs
check   Monthly billing
check   Requirement based working hours



Solving Critical Challenges For Our Clients

As one of the top IT outsourcing companies, we offer 360° software development services that transform our client's vision into actionable software solutions to accelerate their businesses growth.



Trusted By 2000+ Customers Since 2003

We have clients globally including USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Australia and retained 90% of them.



Trusted By 2000+ Customers Since 2003

We have clients globally including USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Australia and retained 90% of them.


We’re Passionately Committed To Helping Our Clients



Everything about Custom Software Development

• Business Automation

Help companies to automate their business functions that are not addressed by the readily available Packaged Software Applications in the market.

• Maintain a Competitive Edge

Can empower companies to achieve a benchmark in competition. Our cost-effective business solutions for companies are designed using our domain expertise and unique methodologies that will encourage focusing on core business competencies rather than implementing existing business procedures.

• Efficiency

Our software development solutions can ensure the most prominent utilization of automation of business aspects reducing manual errors, required manpower and time to complete a business task.

• Business Digitalisation

Our Customized Software Solutions will help companies to precisely digitalize their business and expand it to a whole new level.

• Off-the-shelf software consists of a packaged software application accessible to a large audience with varying, whilst fundamentally similar needs. For instance, Microsoft Word is intended for the mass public as a diverse solution to the wide scope of necessities of its users. It does not, however, deal with any specific entity like custom software would.

• Customized Software Development includes the commissioning, development, and launch of a software product tailored to a single specific entity. A Customized Software Application created for a Company would only be used by that company and the department for which it was designed. The software is designed keeping the company’s infrastructure, branding and execution need in mind, implying it can only work for that organization.

• The benefit of custom software is a simple fact it provides features that off-the-shelf software doesn’t. Designing an application with your company’s needs in mind implies an increased growth in productivity.

• In case you have a software application designed to increase productivity or address an internal need, its cost is equalized by the promise of increased efficiency. If your company’s need is unique enough to warrant custom software, then customizing a solution rather than settling for an off-the-shelf application becomes a smart course of action.

We are among the best software companies for Software Development services in Mumbai, India, catering to the major companies with our services. Right at the initial stage of the project development, we engage our expert quality analysts, and this paves way for your robust software application that is steady enough to run across all browsers and screens flawlessly. These analysts first gather the requirements for you to prepare an all-inclusive business requirement document, which in turn is passed on to the software engineers for the final development. There are several approaches to software project management, known as software development life cycle methodologies or models. The waterfall model being the traditional version, is different from the more recent & innovative model of agile software development. We follow a highly robust software development lifecycle to assure a consistent service of the software delivery. We adopt the modern software development methodology, agile development methodology, a proven way to accelerate your software development in an iterative way, thereby significantly reducing the risk involved. We have a pre-defined process for Software Development, which involves coding, programming, testing and fixing of detected or identified bugs. A disciplined emulation of the most suited software lifecycle, makes our software development process completely reliable to formulate a perfect software application for our clients.

As per your requirement and purpose, our Software Development Services can be of various sorts and that includes the following packages: Custom enterprise application development, Migration of software applications, Application or software consulting and redevelopment.

We provide custom software application design & development services along with complete software maintenance services and support to our clients.

Custom software development is the process of developing, planning, designing, conceptualizing, and deploying as per the requirements of specific organizations. Commercial software can't address this, it needs dedicated developers to build custom software applications.

The cost to develop custom software development depends on your project requirement but many software projects are done for around $40,000 and $3,00,000 to design and develop the application. It depends on various factors such as software size, complexity, creative design, migration of existing data, and more. As a leading custom software development company in India, we provide the customized solution at cost-effective prices.

In some cases, this is possible. Softlabs Group software architects will assist you by analysing the requirements, scalability, and viability of your existing app and offering you an appropriate recommendation. Combining your existing application with a newer app is also dependent on the level of access we have to your older app's fundamental functions or if the app provides an API. (API is a built-in feature that allows external access to an app's data.)

A number of factors weigh into this decision including scalability, existing platforms, client’s existing infrastructure, data types, and so on. Primarily, the decision should be based on your specific business needs and set of features expected out of the application.

For instance, Microsoft .NET is a highly versatile framework that can be used for nearly every solution, while certain demands can be better executed using a PHP/MySQL stack or a specific similar technology. Fingent’s Development Team is well-versed in nearly all available development technologies and applies the appropriate technology to the appropriate solution.

Understanding the benefits of custom software development for business is very important and it will help you to make the right decisions.

  • Specific or unique solutions that belong to your business only.
  • Security.
  • Reliability.
  • Integrating custom software.
  • Scale your organization better.
  • Gets support from the technical team.

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