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Small Banking System
We have developed a software application which is meant to automate all the functions of the Co-operative Credit Societies. In today's world of Internet where Banking Sector is the first to harness the benefits of latest technology, Small Banks like Co-operative Credit Societies have to maintain a comparative service level towards their customers.
  • Providing a Single Entity to different branches of a Co-operative Bank through which all Administrative Staff, Working Staff, Members and Account Holders can interact and perform their daily activities.
  • Automate all the activities of a Co-operative Credit Society
  • The system will automatically generate and email Bank Transaction Statements on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • All Financial Reports like Balance Sheet and Dividend Details will be automatically generated and emailed to the Management level users.
  • Interest on Saving Accounts for all account holders will be automatically calculated and posted in the system.
  • Interest and penal interest on different Loan Accounts will be calculated automatically.
  • Keep track of all transactions.
  • Generate reports and certificates like Bank Statements and Share Certificates, Fixed Deposit Certificates etc.
  • Generate Final Balance Sheet with Profit and Loss Account.
  • Distribution of Dividends to Members depending on their Share Values.

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