Export Documentation Management Software & B2B Ecommerce Application

The case study explores the development of an Export Documentation Software and B2B eCommerce application for Ant International Exports, focusing on digitalizing and streamlining the EXIM documentation process. This solution enhances product sales and showcases across India, improving efficiency and profitability by 30%.

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Client Intro

Ant International Exports specializes in exporting goods and services. They sought a solution to streamline their EXIM documentation process and develop a B2B web application to enhance their product showcase and sales across India.

Client Intro

Transforming Project Management : Challenges, Solutions, and Achievements

Challenges Client Faced

Challenges Client Faced -

  • Manual preparation and to-and-fro sending of crucial EXIM documents like Bill of Lading, Packing List, and Invoice.

  • Inefficiency in the correction process of documents, affecting productivity.

  • Lack of a direct platform to display product range and manage sales with distributors.

  • Cumbersome manual processes in handling export documentation.

  • Difficulty in maintaining standardized sales processes.

  • Challenges in enhancing company visibility and managing bulk sales efficiently.

What we did to fix it -

  • Developed an Online EXIM Documentation software for stakeholders to update and modify documents collaboratively.

  • Enabled online suggestions and corrections for EXIM documents.

  • Created a B2B eCommerce module for showcasing products and managing distributor networks.

  • Streamlined the export documentation process through digital solutions.

  • Implemented Agile Methodology with Scrum and a test-driven approach for development.

What we did to fix it

What we Achieved

 Enhanced service levels

Enhanced service levels and increased profitability through faster shipment processing.

Improved efficiency

Improved efficiency in managing and correcting EXIM documentation.

Increased visibility

Increased visibility of the company with detailed product information available online.

Reduced workload on the customer support

Reduced workload on the customer support department due to the online availability of product details.

Standardized the sales process

Standardized the sales process with online order receiving and processing.

Boosted overall profitability

Boosted overall profitability by 30% post-implementation of the digital solution.

Streamlined and modernized the company

Streamlined and modernized the company’s export documentation and sales processes.

Key Features we Delivered

Online EXIM Documentation Management

Online EXIM Documentation Management

B2B eCommerce Module

B2B eCommerce Module

Collaborative Document Modification

Collaborative Document Modification

Product Showcase and Distributor Management

Product Showcase and Distributor Management

Standardized Online Sales Processing

Standardized Online Sales Processing

Agile and Test-Driven Development Framework

Agile and Test-Driven Development Framework

Enhanced Digital Collaboration and Visibility

Enhanced Digital Collaboration and Visibility

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