Dating Application


Mobile Application


React Native | Node JS | Express | Microservices


The Dating App is a subscription based Mobile Dating Application developed for the users in USA. The app lets the users set up its general profile and specific profile features so that user can look for matches based on location and profile features.

The user can restrict the search within a particular raduis from his/her own location. He can set up detailed profile requirements for making it easy to share the most appropriate matches to the user. The app as a list of questions to the user based on which it is able to make the relevant matches.


Softlabs developed the Dating Application for both Android and iOS platform using a cross platform technology React Native eliminating the need to develop independent native Android and iOS applications in Java or Swift.

Softlabs provided a novel UI and UX to the users making it appealing for the users to stick to this platform.


Features of the Application

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