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Senior Citizens Lending Management Platform




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PHP | Vue JS | My SQL


The software application is an innovative platform where Senior Citizens of Australia can use their residential places to borrow funds whenever there is a requirement. The company is associated with multiple lending institutions and presents the loan applications of the Senior Citizens to these Lending Institutions wherever it is a best fit. The software application manages the entire lending management process including KYC, Loan Application, Assessments and Valuation of the Security Assets or Real Estate Properties, Compliances, Loan Underwriting, Loan Acceptance & Decline and Repayment. The software application provides the users with a user friendly and simple interface specifically designed from the Senior Citizen’s perspective to track their Loans. The software application facilitates direct deduction of the EMI amount from the bank account of the Senior Citizens.

which brings together the Sponsors and Investors to provide and seize great fractionalised real estate investment opportunities. The software application is meant to manage small and large investors funds by investing it in attractive Real Estate deals provided by the Sponsors. The application allows the investors to invest their funds using very simple and user-friendly interfaces in the application. The application provides the investors with complete transparency of their investments with the help of neatly developed Dashboard and various reports. The investors get information about the profits earned through various exited deals and lets the investors to re-invest the principal funds into new lucrative real estate marginalised deals.


Softlabs has been a Software Outsourcing Partner with this company from the past 3 years for development of various Fintech Software Solutions. 5 highly Experienced Software Developers from Softlabs have been working along with the Onsite Team for development of this innovative application. Our Project Management Team has been co-ordinating with the local business team and the technical team to understand the business processes and the requirements in detail. We used our legacy Project Management System to undertake the project development activity and task level management which provides transparency to the client having guest access to the Project Management System.

The journey began 4 years back when the start-up was newly launched and Softlabs Group was selected as the Software Development Outsourcing Partner. The project development activity was undertaken by Softlabs Development Team under the supervision of its Management and in co-ordination as well as under the guidance of the client end Senior Technology team. Initial couple of years were spend on building up the core functionalities of the platform’s services. Later the development moved on to advanced technological features integrating external services in various areas like compliances, payments, etc.


The client company has launched the Senior Citizens Investments Platform

The company has grown to tremendous heights and Softlabs proudly acclaims to provide the required technical support during the project development tenure. We are still working on newer features within the platform and have plans for further enhancement of the product at various levels in the coming future.

Features of the Application

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