Capital Project Planning

The case study describes a Capital Project Planner application designed for efficient management of large-scale infrastructure projects, offering features for detailed planning, budgeting, and progress tracking to enhance project oversight and execution.

Capital Project Planning

Project Planning

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App Type
App Type


Methodology Used

Agile Scrum


Web Application

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Tech Used
Technologies Used:

React JS, .Net, MySQL, SSMS

Client Intro

Birdi Systems, Inc. (BSI) is a Los Angeles based, award-winning, full-service systems engineering consulting and contracting firm. BSI is a leading provider of technology solutions to major airports and other transportation entities.


Transforming Project Management : Challenges, Solutions, and Achievements

Challenges Client Faced

Challenges with the Current Project Management System -

  • The software the client was using was incomplete.

  • It was unable to meet what the client requirement.

  • It didn't have all the features needed for managing big projects.

  • It struggled with planning, budgeting, and keeping track of things.

  • We didn't really understand what the users and stakeholders wanted.

  • It didn't show project steps and how they connected well.

  • It had trouble working with other apps, making data sharing tough.

  • Data flow issue between connected systems.

What We Did to Fix It -

  • We looked closely at the project tool and had discussions with the client.

  • We made the existing things work better and added new features.

  • We made it easier to plan, budget, and manage resources.

  • We showed project steps and how they were connected.

  • We made it work better with other apps to share data.

  • We made data move easily between connected systems.

What we did to fix it

What we Achieved

We made the existing features work much better

We made the existing features
work much better.

We added new features to make project management easier

We added new features to make project management easier.

Planning, budgeting, and resource management got better

Planning, budgeting, and resource management got better.

It became easy to see how the project was progressing

It became easy to see how the project was progressing.

We improved how the tool worked with other apps

We improved how the tool worked with other apps.

Data flows smoothly between connected systems

Data flows smoothly between connected systems.

project tool

Overall, the project tool (CPP) got a lot better.

Key Features we Delivered

Simplifies project management

Simplifies project management.

Handles multiple projects

Handles multiple projects.

Works for remote teams

Works for remote teams.

Breaks down projects into tasks

Breaks down projects into tasks.

Manages task assignments and tracking

Manages task assignments and tracking.

Supports user roles

Supports user roles.

Helps control budgets

Helps control budgets.

Centralizes data

Centralizes data.

Generates reports

Generates reports.

Integrates with accounting

Integrates with accounting.

Automates payment schedules

Automates payment schedules.

Manages materials lists

Manages materials lists.

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