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Capital Project Planner (CPP) is a resourceful application conceptualized for undertaking planning and management of large size projects or contracts for different clients in various domains.

CPP primarily acts as a Comprehensive Project Management System which breaks down a large size project at a granular level into smaller Project Elements. Each individual project element is then planned, budgeted, improvised, executed and tracked at ground level. Baseline Budgeting, Current Status and Budget Forecasting can be done at the level of each project element. CPP aims to provide management insights or top view to the Senior Management by collating and processing the granular level information as per required perspective.

CPP is aimed at simplifying all the essentials stages of successful Project Management like laying down project requirements, planning, budgeting, allocating resources, actual execution, tracking and assessing progress, controlling, etc. A project manager will be able to perform all the above functions as a CPP user.

Project management involves planning, organizing, and managing resources in order to successfully meet project goals and objectives. This is accomplished by breaking down the element into processes, which are discrete units of work that are required for the completion of a project. A process is defined in terms of its inputs, its tools and techniques, and its outputs. Dependencies exist among many of the processes in that the output of one process is often required as the input of another.


The project was at an under-developed stage when it was assigned to Softlabs. Some of the basic functionalities for Project Management were developed but not producing the desired results for the client. Our task was to refine the earlier developed existing features to make sure that the desired functionality is working and is delivered. Also our job was to understand the user and stakeholder requirements and develop new features that are crucial for enhancing the application.

We were expected to design and develop features that will facilitate Captial Project Management by allowing management of each of the processes required for the project as well as the inputs and outputs of each of the processes. Furthermore, the application had to provide the users with a visual representation of the processes used in the project as well as the dependencies among those processes.

The scope also included facilitating integration with Third-party applications at various level to assimilate data for different parameters of a particular project element.

The overall goal was to enhance the functionalities of the existing system and add new features that will help streamline the data flow for all processes to sync across various linked systems efficiently and securely.


We successfully delivered the extensive and vast project after a meticulously managed development period and dedicated hardwork of 2 years

Features of the Application

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