Enterprise Procurement & Fleet Maintenance Monitoring App

Enterprise Procurement App And Fleet Maintenance Application


FP McCann Limited, UK


Expo Mobile App | Inspect Mobile App


Native Android 


We were given the assignment of developing a Procurement Mobile App, a mobile extension of their Procurement Software which was successfully developed, launched and is extensively used by the onsite/field staff for ordering various goods like tools, consumables like cement, machinery, items on rent like cranes, diggers etc. from registered and unregistered suppliers.


The field staff like engineers had to personally visit the nearest office/depot location equipped with computer systems of FP McCann to actually generate an Order for any kind of goods required.

They would send an email to the office to order on their behalf. This was an indirect method of ordering for the individual raising an order or requiring the goods and would usually take longer time to make the goods available


Using the Expo Mobile App, the Engineers or field staff could generate an Order on his Phone from any project site or factory location.

The Order was directly received on the Enterprise System on the Company’s Server with all the accounting and cost centre parameters affecting perfectly as expected in the Enterprise System.

A pdf was generated on the phone itself which was automatically sent to the supplier. A history of recent orders was available for every user on the app.


The project was developed using Agile Methodology with Scrum, test driven approach was followed.


Add Ease Work Process :

This Expo Mobile App reduced the overall exertions that the field engineers and the office staff had to endure just to get an order executed.

Improve Speed :

The app resulted in elimination of the delay in order execution process.

Improve Productivity :

The office staff was contented having less procurement work from field staff and could dedicate the surplus time for other constructive work.

Time Saving :

There was no constraint for the field staff to visit the office for filing forms and authorising them to order the required goods.


We had another assignment of developing a Fleet Maintenance Mobile App which is used by the drivers of all the trucks owned by FP McCann. The drivers have to use the app like an assessment by keying-in important parameters which would record the health conditions of various parts of the Truck. The app gave a list of parameters like engine, tyres, windshield, headlights with options “OK” and “NOT OK’. If the driver selects “NOT OK” the app gave an interface to upload the photo of the issue with respect to the specific parameter. All this data is then stored on to the enterprise application of the company and alerts are raised to the respective supervisors for further action.


The fleet drivers were given manual paper sheets which were to be filled on a regular basis and were collected at the nearest centre/branch office of FP McCann. This was a part of the compliance to have regular checks on the truck to ensure safety. If any problem was reported in a particular truck, it was actually known to the supervisor at office after receiving the filled sheets of paper may be by day end or next day. Also, if the sheet was misplaced, the problem with the truck would go unattended.

There was no history data digitally available for every asset/truck to analyse its condition over a period of years.


Using the Inspect Mobile App, the driver was able to complete the compliance assessment of the truck very quickly and with ease

The data was saved instantly to the Enterprise System on the company’s server and was accessible for review at any stage.

The assessment pdf was made available to the supervisor on email for information and remedial action purpose. The assessment pdf consisted important information like photos of the part that was reported having a problem or defect.


The project was developed using Agile Methodology with Scrum, test driven approach was followed.


Speedup The Processes :

The compliance process was followed in a systematic manner using the Inspect Mobile App as the information was available instantly to the supervisor instead for waiting for the driver to physically submit the updated sheets of paper at day end.

Improve Efficiency :

If any problem was reported in the mobile based assessment, it was immediately acted upon for rectification of the issue. Thus, avoiding any safety related issues with the vehicle and improve efficiency in the process.

Data Analysis :

Since, the data was saved to the Enterprise System on the company’s server, it was available for generating any kind of the historic assessment reports over a period of years.

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