Travel Portal Solution

This travel portal solution case study showcases Tarkarli Tourism's digital transformation. The development of a comprehensive travel portal significantly enhanced the region's online visibility and business efficiency, integrating local services into a seamless booking experience, thereby boosting revenue and tourism.

Travel Portal Solution


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Start Up

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Agile Scrum


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Web Application

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Client Intro

Tarkarli Tourism, based in the remote interiors of Maharashtra, sought to establish an online presence with a website and hotel management application. Despite being isolated with limited phone network and internet access, they aimed to tap into the global tourism industry and modernize local tourism businesses.

Client Intro

Transforming Project Management : Challenges, Solutions, and Achievements

Challenges client faced

Challenges client faced -

  • Isolation of Tarkarli, with limited phone network and broadband internet access.

  • Difficulty in conducting e-commerce business due to unavailable online room inventory data.

  • Tourism entrepreneurs in Tarkarli were unaware of the power of the internet for global exposure.

  • Challenges in integrating various local tourism services into a single digital platform.

  • A need for system to update room availability in real-time to avoid double bookings.

  • Difficulty in transforming traditional walk-in business models to a digital e-commerce format.

What we did to fix it -

  • Developed with high-end design, superior animations, and activity integration.

  • Conducted extensive SEO and SMM activities to drive massive visitor traffic to the portal.

  • Digitalized Tarkarli’s tourism businesses, enabling online booking of hotels and scuba tickets.

  • Designed and developed a hotel management mobile app for real-time inventory updates.

  • Implemented an e-commerce feature for tourists to review and book services securely.

  • Transformed local businesses into digital e-commerce platforms, expanding their market reach.

What we did to fix it

What we Achieved

Significantly improved brand awareness

Significantly improved brand awareness of on the internet.

Achieved high ranking on Google

Achieved high ranking on Google for numerous keywords, attracting global visitors.

Enhanced overall business efficiency

Enhanced overall business efficiency for registered businesses by 48%.

Boosted business revenues

Boosted business revenues for Tarkarli’s tourism sector.

Increased accessibility and convenience

Increased accessibility and convenience for tourists booking online.

Enhanced digital presence and market penetration

Enhanced digital presence and market penetration for local tourism businesses.

Facilitated a comprehensive and user-friendly

Facilitated a comprehensive and user-friendly online tourism experience.

Key Features we Delivered

State-of-the-art web portal design

State-of-the-art web portal design

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)

E-commerce booking feature

E-commerce booking feature

Hotel management mobile application

Hotel management mobile application

Real-time room availability updates

Real-time room availability updates

Secure payment gateway integration

Secure payment gateway integration

Comprehensive tourism service integration

Comprehensive tourism service integration

Project Result

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