Loan Recovery and Credit Rating System

Loan Recovery and Credit Rating System




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Formerly, the education loan recovery method followed by the Zambian government faced several difficulties in capturing and presenting the loan details accurately. There was no formal system in place to track the students who have received loans after they graduated and have started working.

The existing Credit Rating System employed in Zambia was not apt to the requirements and failed to capture all the critical credit information in an efficient manner or real-time.


Softlabs, developed an efficient Educational Loan Recovery System that would track the details of the students who received loans from the Zambian government, help create a repayment schedule and enabled the employer (of the borrower) to arrange the repayment of loan by calculating amounts to be deducted from the salaries each month.

The system captured and updated every re-payment made by the student, thus knowing the exact status of the Loan balance and apprising the individuals Credit status accordingly.


Educational Loan Module

  • University Management
  • Student Management
  • College Management
  • Course Management
  • Loan Applications under a particular Course
  • Loan Disbursements Academic Year wise
  • Mapping Educational Loan details with the Credit Report of Individual
  • Employer Management
  • Employee Management
  • Salary Management of Employees
  • Facilitating Loan Recovery Payments at various recognised Payment Centres
  • Facilitating Deductions from Monthly Salary of Employees for Educational Loan
  • Search Candidate at Companies’ Employee Database for Recovery
  • Balance Loan Details and Summary Reports
  • MIS Reports

Credit Rating Module

  • Financial Institutions Management
  • Loan Programs Management
  • Loan Applications
  • Loan Disbursements
  • Instalment Payment Information
  • Cheque Clearance and Bouncing Information
  • Calculating Credit Rating Points
  • Generating Credit Rating Reports


The project was developed using Agile Methodology with Scrum, test driven approach was followed.


Improved Processes

Improved Processes :

After Deployment of ZCRIS, the Zambian government was able to streamline the entire Educational Loan Applications, Disbursals, Recovery and Credit Management process.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting :

They were be able to view all the details of educational loans as well as students and arrange the repayment through their employer in an intended manner.

Improve Business

Improve Business :

The losses incurred due to inability of tracking the disbursed loans, were reduced considerably.

Funding Control

Funding Control :

The government is in better control of funding loans to new students.

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency :

The Credit Rating Software is developed to provide Credit Ratings of Individuals and Companies to the Financial Institutions on a real time basis. Thus, improving the business efficiency by 45% of the Financial Institutions in assessing various Loan Applications.

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