Online Insurance Aggregator Platform

The case study discusses the development of an online insurance aggregator software for Berns Brett India, aimed at digitalizing the insurance buying process. This .NET and MS SQL-based platform integrates various insurance providers, offering a broad range of products, and is designed to improve business efficiency and scalability.

Insurance aggregator platform


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App Type


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Agile Scrum


Web Application

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Technologies Used:


Client Intro

Berns Brett India, a prominent player in the insurance broking industry, partners with top insurance companies in India. Recognizing the importance of digitalization in today’s world, they sought to complement their traditional business model with an online platform. This initiative aimed to streamline their insurance services, making them more accessible to customers.

Client Intro

Transforming Project Management : Challenges, Solutions, and Achievements

Challenges Client Faced

Challenges Client Faced -

  • Reliance on conventional methods for generating insurance business.

  • Need for digital transformation to stay competitive.

  • Integration of a new online platform with existing business practices.

  • Involvement of multiple stakeholders with diverse needs.

  • Managing a wide range of insurance products from different providers.

  • Necessity to design a user-friendly and efficient online interface.

  • Challenge of ensuring a seamless transition from traditional to digital platforms.

What we did to fix it -

  • Conducted in-depth studies of the client's business domain.

  • Collaborated closely with various stakeholders for comprehensive understanding.

  • Developed an innovative architecture tailored to the B2C nature of the platform.

  • Focused on facilitating easy online purchase of insurance products.

  • Employed Agile Methodology with Scrum for flexible and efficient project management.

  • Adopted a test-driven approach to ensure reliability and effectiveness.

What we did to fix it

What we Achieved

Significantly improved business process

Significantly improved business process efficiency through digital solutions.

Enhanced customer accessibility

Enhanced customer accessibility and user experience in insurance purchasing.

Enabled scalability

Enabled scalability, allowing for future expansion and inclusion of new stakeholders.

Diverse range of insurance products

Successfully integrated a diverse range of insurance products into one platform.

Established a robust online presence

Established a robust online presence, expanding client reach.

Improved stakeholder coordination

Improved stakeholder coordination and satisfaction through streamlined processes.

Fostered innovation and modernization

Fostered innovation and modernization in the client's business approach.

Key Features we Delivered

B2C Web Application

B2C Web Application

Website Development

Website Development

Online Insurance Purchase Functionality

Online Insurance Purchase Functionality

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Scalable Platform Design

Scalable Platform Design

Integration of Multiple Insurance Products

Integration of Multiple Insurance Products

Agile Project Management Tools

Agile Project Management Tools

Project Result

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