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Big data is a term for data sets that are too large and complex. The traditional data processing application software’s are inefficient in handling them appropriately. Big data generates several challenges including data capture, data storage, data updating, data analysis, data sharing, visualization, search, transfer etc.

However, in today’s market, the term "big data" rarely projects a particular size of data set. The importance of big data doesn’t revolve around how much data you have, but how you manage it. It tends to refer to the usage of predictive analytics, user behaviour analytics, or other progressive data analytics approaches that fetches significance from data.

Big Data allows you to analyse data from any source and study it to find effective solutions that enables Cost reductions, Time reductions, Inventive Decision Making and Designing of solutions with enhanced features. By combining big data with dynamic analytics, you can accomplish various solution enhancing activities.

Softlabs is at an emerging stage of Bigdata Services. We believe that Big Data will be one of leading requirements of big companies in the near future. We have been conducting training on Bigdata for our software professionals to enhance our technology stack. We are in the process of tie-up with a company in the United States for training and development as well as project outsourcing.

Big Data in co-ordination with Industrial Internet will give a new dimension to businesses in the future and we are aiming at being specialists of the same as a service provider.

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