Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency exchange is a secure digitized platform to transfer the assets via peer-to-peer transactions securely. The platform created for crypto exchange is gone impeccably and securely. Most of the investors prefer cryptocurrency exchange to trade Bitcoin since it guarantees safer transaction. If you are looking forward for profit-oriented company, you can develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform that the users get a protected Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms with robust trading engine for quicker order matching & transaction process.

Softlabs Group is the Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company delivers complete crypto exchange software, which has the features like easy and fast transactions. Being one of the topmost crypto exchange platform development companies in India we ensure to provide finest services in market and help you to create your dream exchange platform.

We have a team of proficient blockchain developers, who are specialized in white label crypto exchange software development and a custom Cryptocurrency exchange software development from scratch. Our tech expert uses the latest techniques to build a crypto exchange platform, which is flexible, transparent, secure, accurate and scalable according to the client’s needs.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

We provide innovative Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services to provide crypto exchange platforms with which you can streamline your trade and offer you a get-go trading experience. Following are the services we provide

Readymade/ White Label Crypto Exchange Platform Development

We develop ready-made white label cryptocurrency exchange software where you can make the required customizations and launch your own crypto exchange platforms quickly! The software we develop are invented by a powerful trading engine, multi-level security, high TPS, and liquidity, so you deliver your client with a dynamic trading portal.

Crypto Exchange Software Development from Scratch

We provide customized Crypto Exchange Software Development services from scratch to develop your own Crypto Exchange Software for your unique business requirements right from designing, development, testing to deployment. Following are the services we include.

  • Crypto Exchange With Multiple Cryptocurrency

    We offer cryptocurrency exchange platform development services with multiple cryptocurrency and fiat currency listing support that help to fulfill the requirements of all your customers using varying currencies across the globe.

  • Peer To Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange

    We offer trustworthy & accessible Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange services constructing scope for a decentralized trading platform that delivers a secure, bilateral, expedient, adaptable, & spontaneous trading environment for end users.

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Features of Crypto Exchange Platform

Create your own customized cryptocurrency exchange platform with outstanding features.

Robust Trade Engine

Our robust trade engine combines buy and sell orders with reduced latency. It has inbuilt order types for a market order, limit order & stop order which is crucial for a crypto trading sy stem.

Digi Wallet

Our cryptocurrency exchange development platform comprises industry standard multi-cryptocurrency wallets that permit secure storage and smooth transactions for variety of digital currencies.

Multi-level Security

We implemented advance security standards like SSL implementation and two-factor authentication for advance login security, encrypted user access and automatic limits while fund withdrawal.


Know Your Customer (KYC) is a method adopted to know the identification of the users to avoid fraudulent activities during transaction. This feature enables you to conduct geography-specific user KYC checks for obedience.

Fiat and crypto trading

Our white label exchange is compatible for a range of currencies, including fiat and cryptocurrencies. The accessible architecture enables the integration of any kind of currency into the exchange.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our payment gateway follows latest crypto payment trends. You can furthermore incorporate the exchange script with the most adaptable and advanced payment technologies.

Integrated Referral Program

To improve the amount of the users in your white label crypto exchange platform, we have integrated a Referral Program in it.

Effectual Admin panel

We develop dynamic and secure Admin Dashboard for you to manage your crypto trading platform with high-end technology frameworks.

High TPS (Transactions per second)

A reliable crypto exchange platform should have high TPS for better trading experience. Keeping this in mind, we develop our white label exchange software platform with a high TPS, which can process upto 8000 transactions per seconds.

Security Features of Crypto Exchange Platform

DDoS mitigation

You can secure the exchange platform with our cryptocurrency exchange script beside a big volume of traffic from several sources.

Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)

We provide 2FA to build your Bitcoin trading coded in PHP extra secure & protected by eliminating third-party interferences.

SSL integration

To maintain the top-notch security standards the cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms are runs entirely over encrypted SSL.

Industries we served

We are one of the most preferred Software Development Outsourcing Companies from India, known for providing bespoke, made-to-order enterprise solutions to reputed clients worldwide across multiple domains such as Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Export-Shipping, Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality, Transportation and Travel, Education, Banking and Utilities. Using latest technology and development techniques, we ensure our customers stay abreast of most updated technology.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Process

  • 1.Requirement Discussion

    Identify your requirements by gathering all data and refine it

  • 2. Gap Analysis & Design Solution

    Our designers will derive a proper outline of the project

  • 3. Development

    We build advanced crypto exchange software with latest functionalities

  • 4.Testing

    Our testing team tests the developed product for bug free software

  • 5. Deployment

    Implement the blockchain to the main network & provide a technical assistance

  • 6. Maintenance

    If any update is required then we do it needful to maintain the credibility

Prestigious Clients

We have clients globally including Sweden apart from India, USA, Canada, UK, Portugal, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Australia and retained 90% of them.

Why choose us for cryptocurrency exchange development?

Softlabs Group offers efficient cryptocurrency exchange development Solutions for better ROI. Hire cryptocurrency exchange software developers who experts and certified in blockchain technologies to convey inventive and top tier results. As a top crypto exchange software development company, we assure you to secure, scalable and customized solution to your business.

Secure crypto Exchange Platform

Quality Services

Swift launch within 2 weeks

Cost Effective

Expert Team of Professionals

Free Server Deployment & Configuration

On Time Delivery

24*7 Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions

The development time depends upon the type of the crypto exchange platform you need or choose to build. If you want to develop white label crypto exchange software then it can be launched in just 3-4 weeks else custom crypto exchange platform built from scratch can take a relatively longer time for development.
If you looking to build a custom crypto exchange software, the cost depends on the functionalities that you need to incorporate into the exchange platform.
Crypto exchanges are susceptible to hacks & threats, but to minimize that, we make sure to secure crypto exchanges by incorporating necessary security integrations into the software. The exchange platforms that we developed are 100% tried and pre-tested before handing it over to the client. Our expert team make sure that they will provide 24/7 security tracking to prevent any hacking.
Our crypto exchanges software is integrated with progressive high-end performance codes that helps in multiple transactions in the safest, smoothest, secure way. Our high programmable Whitelabel crypto exchange platform solutions can effortlessly accommodate a large number of users enabling you to amplify your profits.
KYC verification help cryptocurrency exchange platform owners to confirm the legitimacy of users, therefore each exchange must be secure with geography-based KYC verification processes.

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