Time and Material Contract

Flexibility becomes a primary factor for the success of any project because of the increasing complexity of IT projects. Outsourcing can be a powerful solution provided to opt for a business model customized to the needs of the project.

Our Time and Material Pricing Model is a flexible software development outsourcing solution designed for projects where scope, requirements and implementation plans are not clearly determined at the initial phase of its development. Thus, the total effort cannot be measured accurately with any reasonable level of certainty at the time of placing the contract.

We adopt the modern software development methodology, agile development methodology to develop projects based on Time and Material business model with strict project management and reporting activities. In this methodology, we plan a phase that consists of certain tasks to be done in correspondence with the client's priority and deliver it in a defined timeline. After completion of this phase, we plan another phase for another task in the priority list.

What is "Time & Material" Pricing Model?

The time & material model includes persistently paying for work accomplished. In this model, the client plays a major role in the development of the software solution and possesses all risks identified with the scope of work. The degree of responsibility that the client possesses for the whole development process with time & material pricing model is way more than with fixed-price projects. The client gets set up with a team and is billed for the real time spent on development.

Advantages of Time and Material Model

  • Offers a chance to pay in parts and just for the performed work.
  • Ideal for large and long-term projects that can’t predict the end product on the underlying stages.
  • The development process begins earlier, as there is no need for drafting the final requirements.
  • The Client has control over the project. (Can approve or add any task that will be implemented on demand.)
  • Requirements and improvements can be negotiated during any project phase.
  • Time & Material Pricing Model enables the client to modify the requirements dependent on the advancing market trends.
  • Work is partitioned into short runs and results in an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). To meet the client’s expectations, features can be added or removed.
  • Clients pay a specified hourly rate a given company has.
  • The product is well-tested and brought to near-excellence. Thanks to multiple iterations, resulting in high-quality software.
  • The time & material pricing model enables clients to check progress as developers present reports on work accomplished.
  • It is the best for extendable projects and provides the flexibility to deal with the team size and total efforts.
  • The model pursues a strict project management and reporting practices where task sheets are created on a daily / weekly basis for every individual working on the project. Hence the employee’s contribution to the project is effectively evaluated.

Phases involved in Time and Material Pricing Model

Time & Material pricing model allows working together with the client for the execution of throughout project.
The potential outcomes it offers in terms of agility of development and extensibility are detailed below :

This model follows an agile methodology for product development, therefore, giving better comfort and certainty to the client as well as to the development team.

In the first stage, a particular task is planned according to the client's need and delivered in a defined timeline.

The second stage involves planning another task in the priority list. The timeline for a phase differs from 15 days to one month depending on the overall project size.

Account Managers will provide efficient consistent communication to keep the clients updated on all resources aspects.

When to choose 'Time & Material'?

If at least one of the following conditions applies to your project, you should consider the T&M model

When requirements are not accurate or requirements cannot be clearly defined.

When on the initial stages project is still raw and there is no adequate information to properly evaluate the final cost.

When the client has a steady flow of tasks or improvements but they are disordered in time and cannot be anticipated in advance.

When project scope is undefined or execution spreads over months or even years.

When the client requires a high level of flexibility or change requests consistently appear in the midst of the development process.

When the client needs more direct control over the process or gives certain resources that can affect the project performance.

When a project is associated with developing markets, new technologies or untested facilities.

The best thing about T&M model is its versatility, opportunity to change necessities, shift priorities & enhance features even mid-way into the project.

Why Choose 'Time & Material'?

Softlabs' 'Time & Material Contract' requires charging clients for the actual work based on a pre-decided hourly rate. So you're charged for the number of man-hours spent on your project in addition to the cost of infrastructure (if any).

Pay as you use

Dynamic scope of work

No fixed timeline

Easy to track progress

Popular choice for long term projects

No hidden charges

We would love to tell you more about our 'Time & Material' plans.

What we can Offer

Hire .Net Developer (WPF, MVC, Core)
Hire PHP Web Developer (Laravel, Codeigniter)
Hire Node JS Developer
Hire Angular Developer
Hire React Native Developer
Hire Native Android, IOS Developer

How does the Hiring Process Work?

The cost of the project depends upon the size of the team and the efforts of each team member. So as to determine the rates charged for the efforts placed, the client needs to specify the project scope, task and period of time.

Requirement Analysis
Before we begin working, we give exceptional attention to your requirements. Our expert team analyzes the work, quotes a timeline & then takes it from that point. The hourly cost is also concluded before you’re on board.
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Pre-work Finalization
We believe in maintaining complete transparency in the work. Hence, we like to set up a temporary timeline & breakdown the tasks into smaller milestones. Advantageous for you to know, what to expect.
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Contract Signup
When both the parties are on the same page, then we start the contract sign up process; which includes an NDA agreement as well. We believe it is always better to keep things clear & straight.
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Project Start-off
After the contract signing, the actual work begins. We introduce you to the team who'll work for you & it starts at your earliest convenience. You'll be impressed to see how friendly & disciplined our fellas are.
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What Does Hiring Include?

Friendly Resources
An individual developer/team working for you according to the pre-decided timeline. No fuss at all.
Technical Lead
A tech expert who sets up a specialized vision with the development team and works to turn it into reality.
UI Designing
The package also includes the participation of our expert UI designing team as & when required.

Let's Talk
We would be glad to tell you more about our 'Dedicated Developers' plans.

What We Provide?

Top notch developers

Complete team setup

Flexibility as per your time-zone

Pro-active consulting

Friendly support

Win-win partnership

Project Management tool

Timely completion & satisfaction

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What should you do now?

Share your idea or business logic with us, so that we can help you establish your next billion dollar application.

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