With a zeal to expand globally and strengthen our roots in the vast global market, Softlabs Group collaborated and tied up with several reputed and world class organizations in the UK. We apprehend that in-order to cater precise and flawless solutions to our clients, we need to obtain in-depth knowledge about the sector and its operations. To achieve this critical undertaking, Softlabs has collaborated with over 50 high profile companies in the UK from various industries such as engineering, construction, energy, hospitality etc. Collaborating with these companies helped us gain immense understanding of the booming industries in the UK. Our client list includes reputable companies like FP McCann, Symbio Energy, Tulip Real Estate, SBB Hotels

What we offer to the UK market

UK is a truly reputed market around the world. It is known for its eagerness towards improvements and Digitalisations. Industries in UK are keen to implement newer functionalities and innovations in their business process and keep themselves modernized by adopting latest technologies. Softlabs Group fit this requirements perfectly. We combine our know-how of the industries with extensive experience to provide cost-efficient, competent solutions to various industries around the world. We visit the client offices, manufacturing units and workplace, collaborate with the end user to learn the exact process and the digitalisation requirement of the various departments of the company. We then design software solutions that caters every need seamlessly and is user friendly at all stages. Our aim has always been to incorporate digitalisation and innovation to develop a solution that adds value to the clients business and enhances its efficiency substantially.

Softlabs has provided Bespoke Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, Website Designing, Digital Marketing and Consulting for the past 14 years for both private and public sector companies. We aspire to achieve customer satisfaction and build long term relationship with our clients by providing optimal IT solutions and Consulting that leads to the transformation and digitalisation of your business from various industries in the UK and around the globe.

Why Softlabs

Softlabs is a prominently superior option to choose from the pool of software service providers available in the market. What makes us unique are the exceptional methodologies and standards we implement in each of our solutions. Below are few key norms we incorporate while designing a digital solution.

We adapt the latest prevailing development standards and technology to undertake the software development project with rigorous standard testing procedures followed.

We analyse the client's business and processes with great accuracy and document the entire business flows highlighting the important and significant aspects affecting the software development.

We undertake software training for the users and provide good quality and user friendly documentation for the software as well as excellent post development support for years.

We have immense knowledge as well as expertise of various domains like ERP, MRP, SCM, CRM, HRMS, e-Commerce, Sales Analysis and MIS, etc

We develop dynamic web applications like e-Commerce apps, Online Sales Tracking, Analysis & MIS, CRM, SCM, MRP and B2B, B2C & C2C Portals using the state of art technology and security fundamentals

We encompass the expertise of web applications, cloud solutions, mobile apps, website designing and digital marketing. We make exclusive business solutions with hybrid combinations of two or all of them.

Highly appreciated features of our developed Software Solutions


We build extremely robust software applications with long term sustainability


We follow a development approach with scope for future upgrades

User Friendly

We design the systems with systematic research of user behaviours


We adapt latest technology and methodologies to make the software highly secured


We analyse the requirements and break them into modules within an Integral System


We design software which work on desktops, laptops, kiosks, tabs, mobile phones


We design software applications that adds innovative technologies and digitalise the clients business to maximize their efficiency, productivity and profit


More and more solutions and processes of today is required to be reachable from a various of devices such as laptops, phones, tablets. the whole IoT suit etc. One path is to use the possibilities that the various solutions of the “cloud” is bringing for the digitalisations of yours processes, Soft labs have gained over years the experience of supporting our customers’ whit solutions for their process who could be reachable either via cloud or on premises platforms.