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DApps – Decentralised Applications

Softlabs with its varied expertise of 15 years across different domains like Finance, Banking, Insurance, Engineering, Construction, Real Estate, Energy, Medical Science, Health Care, Diamond Industry, Transportation, Travel, Tourism, Export Import, Shipping, Logistics, Education and Hospitality is designing business models based on Blockchain Technology for numerous business processes.

Few of the solutions we could provide include:

  • Blockchain based Bid Evaluation/ e-Tendering
  • Blockchain Based Document Authenticity Verification
  • Blockchain Based various Business Community Platforms for trading products and services

Crypto Currency Solutions:

We have significantly high level of experience in Crypto Solutions which are listed below:

  • Custom Coin Development and Hosting
  • Block Explorer
  • Mining Program
  • Web Application and Mobile Application Wallets
  • Designing Websites for ICOs
  • Digital Marketing with SMM and SEO for Coin ICO

Blockchain Development on Ethereum:

Our team of professionals have expertise on Ethereum Platform

  • Ethereum based ERC20 Tokens Development
  • Smart Contracts for various business processes
  • Token ICO Website and Launching
  • Digital Marketing with SMM and SEO for Token ICO

Crypto Currency Exchange

Softlabs can deliver a high end, robust and technologically advanced Crypto Currency Exchange Platform. The platform will host Top 10 global Crypto Currencies as well as will serve as a platform to host newer custom coins and tokens globally.

Why Softlabs for Blockchain

Legacy of Customisation

Softlabs has been into Customised Software Development for the past 15 years. We understand the business processes well and offer a comprehensive digital solution to automate the business processes. Application of Blockchain architecture in various industries is a more of a creative job where we need to understand the aspects of Blockchain and the existing business processes scenarios delivering a blend in which business processes and operations execute in Blockchain manner.

Expert Blockchain Developers Team

We have a well-trained and seasoned team of Blockchain Developers who have sufficiently good exposure of the Blockchain Architecture and the associated technologies.

Coverage of End to End Blockchain Solutions

Softlabs with its experience of 15 years in the Global IT Market as well as the Blockchain Development skills can deliver a varied range of solutions in Blockchain which include Custom Blockchain, Smart Contract Development, Tokens and Crypto-currencies as well as Web Wallets.

Industry In Depth Knowledge

Softlabs has been working with clients globally on various domains like Energy, Transport, Government, Fin Tech, Pharmaceuticals, Diamond Industry, Insurance, Education, GIS, Engineering and Construction, Hospitality, Tourism, etc. We have various products already developed within the above domains which could be easily migrated and integrated with the Blockchain.

Advantages Of Blockchain

Enhanced Security:

The Blockchain network is designed to automatically reconcile every transaction with itself in every 10 minute interval. This is a form of self-inspecting system of every digital value. Any mismatch in the reconciliation process is captured in a timely manner and can be investigated thus ensuring the security of effective transactions. As Blockchain has no centralized server, it becomes impossible for hackers to the hack into the system or steal valuable information. Blockchain adapts high level encryption technology that facilitates enhanced security which is a crucial requirement of many industries.


Blockchain technology ensures that data within the network is public and it cannot be tampered with at any given point. Any changes that happen within the blockchain network is visible to all the involved parties and every single activity or transaction is disclosed to the network, enhancing the transparency.

Reliable Information

The data in a blockchain is accurate and easily available whenever and wherever required. It is 100% reliable and help to secure sensitive information.

Speedy Transactions

Decentralized network has the potential to speed up file transfer and streaming times. Consequently, transactions within the network are completed much faster. This enhancement proves to be very convenient and in today’s demanding world, it is a necessary upgrade to the web’s existing overloaded information distribution systems.

Low Transaction Fees

The blockchain technology restricts the overhead prices by reducing the transaction fee that is applied when we wish to exchange assets

There have been many successful applications of the Blockchain Technology in today’s World. However, there are numerous more possibilities where Blockchain can cater and transform the entire scope and functionality of the developed application.

Realising the great attributes of the Blockchain Technology, we at Softlabs believe that implementation of blockchain in the applications we develop will augment the digital solution to a whole new level. Hence, we are persistently enhancing our existing strength in Blockchain and Smart Contracts development. Our extensive experience in diverse industries give us an advantage in proficiently employing blockchain technology through different business sectors across the globe.

Blockchain Solutions we can offer:

Supply Chain Blockchain Applications
Solar Community Blockchain Applications
Peer To Peer Decentralised Applications
Blockchain based Smart Certificates
Blockchain based Accounts and Audit Processes
Blockchain in various Government Administration Departments
All types of Blockchain based Innovative Platform Development

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