J M Financial Mutual Fund


J M Financial Mutual Fund is a subsidiary of J M Finance Group and is one of top Mutual Fund Companies in India.

Online Mutual Fund Operations Software
Executive Summary

Softlabs has been engaged by J M Financial Mutual Funds to develop a Hi-Tech and robust Mutual Funds Operations Software using .Net Technology. The project is currently being developed.


Client was using a legacy system developed a decade ago in Power Builder and Oracle. The domain, functionality and data structures are highly complex and critical in Mutual Funds. Major modules were becoming outdated with respect to the pace of today’s technology and operations methodology. Maintenance and upgradation of the legacy system was not possible due to unavailability of engineers with the knowledge of such last generation technology.

Enhancements delivered by Softlabs

Softlabs collaborated with J M Financial to migrate the existing application to new .Net Technology with MVC Architecture. Softlabs Team studied the existing software, operations functionality and mutual fund business domain thoroughly for a period of 3 months. We laid down a clear foundation by coming up with each and every business process diagrams to ensure we are accurately on track with the client requirement and the business domain. We disseminated the complexity in the modules and created simplified processes.

Their Results

The new Operations Software developed for J M Financial Mutual Fund perfectly followed the business rules and requirements of the company. Features from the legacy system were maintained and inconsistencies were rectified making the new software an optimal digital solution. Software facilitates the stakeholders and associates across India to interact with the system which resulted in minimizing delays in approvals and communications. The new application also delivered data and reports at finger tips. The overall efficiency of the company was enhancement by 15%.

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