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Symbio Energy Limited is one of top Electricity Providers in the UK whose policy is maximizing Green Energy. Symbio is based in Hemel, Hempstead and is also into Properties business. Symbio is currently working on constructing an iconic building beacon in Hemel which will have zero carbon emission.

Online CRM and Operations Software
Executive Summary

Softlabs was handed over the responsibility of developing of a new .Net Technology based SVA Operations Software Application in June 2015. After a few month of analysis of the business domain, we set forth the system architecture for the application and we were successful in delivering a highly innovative and robust software to the client within the stipulated time.


With the existing system the customer had to do a variety of tasks manually. The reason for which was that the Electricity Distribution Service ecosystem involved lot of dataflow exchanges between different stakeholders like the Meter Operators, Data Collectors etc. which was file system based. These files used to be dumped in a particular directory which was expected to be monitored by the operations staff and take required actions on the same. The action involved sending the response dataflow based on the type of file received.

The customer bills were based on the dataflow readings which were large in number and were required to be consolidated to get the final usage of the customer based on the meter readings, generated units from the solar panels etc. making it a complex procedure. Billing process was very critical and required people with lot of experience to generate accurate bills for customers on time.

Enhancements delivered by Softlabs

We made a monitor program engine which would scan the directory at a regular interval, check for dataflow files, categorise them, update them in the Operations Software and send the particular response in the required dataflow file format to the respective stakeholder. The monitor program engine further helped to consolidate the meter readings taking into considerations all possibilities with respect to the customer’s billing scenario and generated bills on a monthly basis.

Their Results

After implementing our digital solution, the efficiency and response time of the operations department improved greatly. The bills could be generated automatically without the need of an experienced operations staff. The compliance reports were available on time thus improving the standard and status of the company in the view of the authorities. The overall efficiency of the company increased by 34%.

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