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SkyGold Group is a reputed firm in Zambia that is focused towards providing safe and secure taxi services in Zambia. It provides the leisure of booking a ride from the comfort of your home.

SkyGold Taxi is a GPS based Vehicle Aggregator Mobile Application designed to be used by Fleet Management Companies, CAB and Auto Rickshaw Aggregator Companies etc.

SkyGold Taxi: Vehicle Aggregator Mobile Application
Executive Summary
SkyGold Group, Zambia, collaborated with Softlabs for various requirements including Website Designing, Logo Designing, and GPS based Vehicle Aggregator Mobile Application Development.

Until recently, we all have faced Taxi booking hassles at least once in our lifetime. We are well aware of various undesired tasks we need to perform before we actually get seated in a Cab or Auto Rickshaw. Right from going down to the Taxi Rank, waiting for an empty cab ride in rush hour, waiting for hours in a stormy rain or scorching heat to find a driver who is willing to take us to our desired location, every situation we face hunting for a cab is a discomfort. Finding a ride exactly when we want, right outside our door willing to take us to our destination, felt like a dream come true. It may miraculously happen one blessed day but then that’s it, the same old story followed every passing day.

This is when Vehicle Aggregators came to our rescue. These companies made travel easier with the services they offered. However, there was no Vehicle Aggregator Service available in Zambia and SkyGold Group approached us to develop a GPS based Vehicle Aggregator Mobile Application to be implemented in Zambia.

Enhancements delivered by Softlabs
Softlabs developed an efficient GPS based Vehicle Aggregator Mobile Application (SkyGold Taxi) designed to be used by Fleet Management Companies, CAB and Auto Rickshaw Aggregator Companies etc. This service helps riders to easily book a safe and secure Taxi from the comfort of their location without taking the trouble of going to the Taxi Rank or taking the risk of standing by the road side be it night or a rainy day.
SkyGold Taxi, helps companies to have a complete track and apprises of the Cab and Rickshaws enrolled with them. Thus ensuring that optimal facility is provided for the services they are offering.

The attentively designed software includes the below features :
  • Drivers Registration Module that captures every required detail of the driver
  • Background check and scrutiny of every driver to maximise safety of customers
  • Driver Ratings and comments from previous riders maintained for each driver
  • Rider Ratings and comments for the respective rides
  • Complete ride history with real-time vehicle tracking to ensure that driver is not distracted from the actual journey
  • Riders Registration module to capture exact pick-up location
  • Option for booking rides form a different location to facilitate comfortable travel option to our friends and family as well.
  • E-wallet payment option for cashless payment of fare
  • Riders know the approximate distance and fare for the trip they plan to undertake beforehand.
  • The basic profile information about the driver who is coming to pick them up such as:
    Name of driver, Driver’s Profile picture, Car Type & Colour, Car Registration Number Plate as well the driver’s contact number.
  • This service comes for free for SKYGOLD TAXI riders who have subscribed online with the free SKYGOLD APP.

Their Results
SKYGOLD TAXI brings to Zambia the much needed safety and security both to drivers and riders who are constantly falling victims to unclear harassments and sometimes unexplained deaths. Through checks and updated driver ratings ensured optimal rider security. Travelling long or short distance at any time in any weather became hassle free. Cashless travel and payment became conceivable. Risk of overcharging was curtailed as the fare is confirmed beforehand. After implementing the application, the overall efficiency improved by 48%, enhancing the profit margin of the company.

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