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Ant International Exports is a Merchant Exporter in India operating in the Agriculture, Electronics and Construction Industries.

Executive Summary

AIE had assigned us the responsibility of developing an EXIM Documentation Management System and a B2B e-Commerce platform.

Web Based Export Shipping Documentation & B2B e-Commerce Application

All EXIM documents like Bill of Lading, Packing List, Invoice etc. were prepared manually and were sent to the respective stake holders. These documents were then reviewed and correction was suggested and sent by the stake holders back to the company office. The office would then make the required corrections and send the documents back to the Stake holders. This to and fro manual process of printing and correction was cumbersome and was affecting efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, there was no direct platform for the company to showcase its product range and organise sales with its distributors spread across India.

Enhancements delivered by Softlabs

Softlabs developed an Online EXIM Documentation software wherein all stake holders could update the same copy of the EXIM document online may it be Bill of Lading, Packing List, Invoice or any other document. All corrections or modifications were suggested online. The corrected documents were uploaded online. The manual to and fro procedure was eliminated. The time taken to finalise the documents was reduced tremendously thus improving the process of shipping to a great extent.

The B2B e-Commerce module provided the company an Online Platform to showcase all their products, appoint distributor network and organise bulk sales with these distributors.

Their Results

The EXIM documentation module resulted in enhanced service level and increased profitability as shipments and related processes were executed faster.

The e-commerce module helped in increasing visibility of the company, the work load of customer support department reduced since all products details and specifications were available online. Sales process was standardised and Sales Orders were received online to be processed further. After implementing the digital solution, the overall profitability of the company increased by 30%

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